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NBL on Twitter

Posted by Laura on Monday, 8 March, 2010

I have spent about three hours looking through various lists to find official NBL twitter accounts, NBL fansites, and accounts for NBL management and players.  NBL lists on Twitter are a bit different than comparable lists for say the A-League and even the Claxton Shield.  They contain a lot more fans of a team, players that used to play in the NBL  (but have gone to Europe or the US), sports management students, and journalists.  It looks like if you mention the NBL, some people will add you to the list.   To make sure I found actual player accounts on those lists, I compared names on accounts to the NBL player list and the Wikipedia player list.

I recorded if it was the official team account, or an unofficial account.  Unofficial accounts are player, management or fansite accounts.  I also recorded the number of followers an account had.  Who are the most popular players on Twitter?  What are the most popular teams?

Team Account Date collected Total followers
Adelaide 36ers Adelaide36ers 8-Mar-10 908
Melbourne Tigers Follow24Hodge (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 612
Wollongong Hawks wollongonghawks 6-Mar-10 572
New Zealand Breakers johnrillie (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 474
Perth Wildcats perthwildcats 6-Mar-10 457
South Dragons Joeingles7 (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 431
Melbourne Tigers Wortho33 (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 285
Wollongong Hawks milisimic (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 272
Townsville Crocodiles TsvCrocs 6-Mar-10 259
Perth Wildcats nickmarvin (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 251
Townsville Crocodiles chomicide (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 237
Cairns Taipans Dusty_Rychart (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 234
New Zealand Breakers oscarforman (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 177
Perth Wildcats TheRealSchensh (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 154
Townsville Crocodiles rustyhinder (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 153
Adelaide 36ers jgovereasy (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 110
Adelaide 36ers DarrenNg8 (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 86
Townsville Crocodiles JoshJenkins24 (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 72
Adelaide 36ers BenFitz (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 62
Adelaide 36ers 36ers (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 51
Sydney Kings sydneykings 8-Mar-10 43
Townsville Crocodiles Kegs42 (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 38
Townsville Crocodiles willo43 (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 35
Gold Coast Blaze Vandy21 (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 33
Wollongong Hawks danjackson9 (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 32
Townsville Crocodiles ToffCedar (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 17
Townsville Crocodiles cameronwhiting (unofficial) 6-Mar-10 13
Adelaide 36ers brad_393 (unofficial) 8-Mar-10 5

One thing that surprised me was that not every team had an official account.  It seems like they should have one, if only to squat on it to protect their future potential assets.

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