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Another problem team is problem: Tasmanian Tigers

Posted by Laura on Friday, 5 February, 2010

As mentioned in the earlier post, I’m focusing on a broad range of teams.  I went looking for information on the Australian Hockey League teams and first class cricket teams.  One problem that came up involved the Tasmanian Tigers.  Why?  That is a team name for a team in the AHL and for Australian first class cricket.  It isn’t particularly problematic on LiveJournal clones, where no one lists the Tassie Tigers as an interest.  It does get problematic on blogger, where two people list the Tasmanian Tigers as an interest.  Looking at both profiles, the assumption can probably safely be made that the Americans are interested in the animal, not the hockey or cricket teams.   It isn’t particularly problematic on bebo, where the only person listing Tasmanian Tigers as an interest has a cricket icon.   LiveJournal has 23 people listing Tasmanian Tigers as an interest and I have yet to go through each profile to try to guess which one they meant.  Meep.

This is another example of a problem team that makes trying to figure out the fan community size problematic.

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