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blogger is a popular blog hosting site. Many popular Australian and sports blogs use it. In the United States, the site also has high press visibility because of its inclusion in Google’s blog search and the number or journalists using Google Alerts, which pulls its notifications from Google’s blog search. The reliance on blogspot has been decreasing as people have eased away from blogging or switched to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. The Australian sport population is smaller than that of Bebo but larger than that of 43 Things. For example, Collingwood had 68 fans on bebo and 7 people with Collingwood related goals on 43 Things. Blogger has 22.

Beyond the press reliance on using blogger as a source, another thing that makes a blogger audience desirable is that the format encourages people to write more. That additional content should encourage people to be more thoughtful and create dialogs around the team that they are blogging about. Theoretically, the longer and more prolonged the engagement that fans have regarding their team, the more likely they are to reaffirm their relationship with the team.

Sadly, the size of the Australian and Kiwi women’s sport community on blogger is non-existent when compared to their male counterparts. The lone fan of the Matildas is a male from South Australia.

League Team Number Date gathered
ANZ Championship ANZ Championship 0 11-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens 0 4-Jun-10
ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens 0 23-Nov-10
ANZ Championship NSW Swifts 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship NSW Swifts 0 23-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Queensland Firebirds 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Queensland Firebirds 0 23-Nov-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever 0 16-Aug-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever 0 23-Nov-10
AWIHL AWIHL 0 19-Nov-10
AWIHL AWIHL 0 23-Nov-10
Cycling Australia Amy Gillett 0 11-Nov-10
Cycling Australia Anna Meares 0 11-Nov-10
Hockey Australia Hockeyroos 0 24-Nov-10
Tennis Australia Alicia Molik 0 11-Nov-10
Triathlon Australia Emma Moffatt 0 11-Nov-10
W-League Canberra United 0 3-Jun-10
W-League Canberra United 0 19-Nov-10
W-League Canberra United 0 23-Nov-10
W-League W-League 0 3-Jun-10
W-League W-League 0 1-Jul-10
W-League W-League 0 11-Nov-10
W-League W-League 0 19-Nov-10
W-League W-League 0 23-Nov-10
WNBL Perth Lynx 0 16-Aug-10
WNBL West Coast Waves 0 16-Aug-10
WNCL Western Fury 0 16-Aug-10
WNCL Victorian Spirit 0 15-Jun-10
Women’s World Cup Soccer Matildas 1 4-Jun-10

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