Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-11-28

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  • They gave me two stamps on my frequent sipper card and it isn't even Tuesday! (@ Gloria Jean's Coffees) #
  • I strongly suspect what I thought was a 1pm meeting for today is not. Communication fail happened but not certain where. #
  • Going to pay the $20 to join WMF-AU chapter. Weeee. #
  • Yeah. Major copy and paste fail. :/ #
  • As soon as we can raise Jon or svip, we're going to do a lock down on all editing to Fan History. It's been an awesome ride. #
  • As Fan History editing is turned off, I feel like I should change my e-mail address. :/ #
  • We've created a writer class. If you still want to contribute, e-mail @purplepopple and she can set you up. #
  • More popular Australian (and Kiwi) sport related Facebook fanpages and groups (November 23) : #
  • is possibly one of my favorite tools for writing blog entries EVER. :D #
  • I've got 805 words written towards one of my appendixes. It may later need to be integrated into my paper. #
  • Still, at 805 words for three sites out of 20? I hope not. #
  • The tech support @unicanberra was fail for me today. Guy didn't speak English to understand me, didn't listen, told me to e-mail but no give #
  • And now I can't log in period because things were frozen. My department rocks but sometimes, the university sucks. #
  • I apologize for previous rudeness. I'm a grumpy pants American who is missing her family around Thanksgiving and stressed out. :/ #
  • Most popular Australian (and New Zealand) sport related Twitter accounts (November 24) : #
  • Most popular female Australian (and New Zealand) sport related Twitter accounts (November 24) : #
  • Appendix A: Data Gathering Site Specific Methodologies (draft 1): #
  • Thanksgiving Football: Tradition In Need of Update by @chicagoist: #
  • Sometimes, I have confusion as to what account I'm using. Whoops. :) #
  • I'm a Fan of Survivor on @GetGlue #
  • According to a FH contributor, FFN purged all of its forums, 2/3 of all posts are lost! #
  • And my tool to automatically pull the total fans/members on Facebook works. :D Yay! :D #
  • Site rank and Australian/Kiwi women's sport : #
  • I am busy being completely off task. :/ #
  • Bebo and Australian/Kiwi women's sport : #
  • I'm a Fan of Covert Affairs on @GetGlue #
  • Digg and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport : #
  • and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport: #
  • I'm looking for some one who is interested in AU/NZ women sport who might look at a packet I'm putting together and could me feedback? Help? #
  • Er. That's a request for feedback. Because not sure how useful this is and need help assessing. #
  • If you follow 57,000 people like @wildwasser does, you should be banned from following. #
  • Flickr and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport : #
  • Rereading stuff I wrote and my grammar is embarrassingly poor. #
  • MWA HA HA HA. Packet wise? Picasa, Twitter, Wikia, Wikipedia, Yahoo!groups, YouTube left. Wait. That's more work than I thought. :( #
  • 503 error when I try to log into myUC. Fun times. #
  • I need to finish editing second drafts of first four chapters of dissertation and write a new chapter so I can live off off task for hols. #

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