Benchmarking Zac Dawson Facebook group and fanpage size

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As Zac Dawson looks to be playing a part in the latest Australian footy penis story, I figured I would benchmark the size of the community dedicated to him. I hadn’t thought to do this last night. These numbers date to around 8am AEST this morning. At the time that I checked, there were no fanpages dedicated to Zac.

Name Type Url Total members
ZAC DAWSON Sports & Recreation 292
zac dawson is shit Sports & Recreation 50
Zac Dawson Sports & Recreation 2
Give Zac Dawson a FRIGGIN game! Common Interest 107
zac dawson should get facebook Just for Fun 62
Zac Dawson for All-Australian Fullback of the Century Sports & Recreation 64
Hi, I’m Zac Dawson’s Brother LOL JKS I’m Brendan Cunningham Just for Fun 11
Zac Dawson = Shit Sports & Recreation 7
Zac Dawson is a mug Sports & Recreation 3
bring ZAC DAWSON back to the hawks!! Just for Fun 11
Zac Dawson you bloody legend for snotting Buddy Wanklin Just for Fun 7
Zac Dawson need to officaly change his name to Zac Awesome…. Sports & Recreation 5
who is zac dawson? Just for Fun 280

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