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Western Suburbs Magpies on bebo

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

In 1999, the Western Suburbs Magpies and Balmain Tigers merged to become the Wests Tigers in the NRL.   The Western Suburbs Magpies are still around under that name for a number of rugby competitions outside that the NRL.   There is a small fan community dedicated to the team on bebo, with five people listing them as an interest.

Of these five, only two list their ages: 21 and 25. That puts their median and average age at 23.  As the NRL team is defunct, these fans would have been rather young to have developed loyalties to the team that would make them hold them all these years younger.  It feels like a safer assumption that these fans are ones who follow the New South Wales Cup team.

Or not.  There are three people who list their location.  Of these, two are from New South Wales, Australia and one is from Auckland, New Zealand.  The presence of the Kiwi is hard to explain if most of these fans are ones who are cheering for the club’s teams in regional rugby competitions.

All five list their gender, with three identifying as male and two identifying as female.  The proportion of females is rather high compared to some teams looked at in earlier posts.  I’m not sure why this would be the case with this defunct NRL team.

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