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Ecademy and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport

Posted by Laura on Saturday, 27 November, 2010

ecademy is a small social network for business professionals that is an alternative to LinkedIn. It has a small number of people connected to Australian sport. In using and evaluating ecademy, it should be looked at from the perspective of using it liked in: Developing a network of employees, volunteers and athletes who can help network with other professionals to bring in an audience of potential sponsors and higher income bracket fans.

Given the nature of ecademy, the total number of people who have clubs listed in their profiles should not be gauged as a representation of fandom on the network. Rather, it should be looked at as industry professionals who want to be affiliated with the club or league.

One of the challenges involved with measuring membership on ecademy is that team sport names may not be the name of organization that runs the club or league. This could possibly exclude some people actually connected to them. For example, in the W-League, most teams are run by the state football associations, not by a specific organization with the club’s name in the title.

The table below gives an idea as to the historical size of the Australian and Kiwi women’s sport community on the network.

League Team Interest Total Checked
ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens Melbourne Vixens 0 27-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Northern Mystics Northern Mystics 0 27-Nov-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever ‘West Coast Fever 0 16-Aug-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever ‘West Coast Fever 0 27-Nov-10
W-League Canberra United Canberra United 0 3-Jun-10
W-League Canberra United Canberra United 0 15-Jun-10
W-League Canberra United Canberra United 0 1-Jul-10
W-League Canberra United Canberra United 0 27-Nov-10
W-League W-League W-League 0 3-Jun-10
W-League W-League W-League 0 1-Jul-10
W-League W-League W-League 0 27-Nov-10
WNBL Perth Lynx ‘Perth Lynx 0 16-Aug-10
WNBL Perth Lynx ‘Perth Lynx 0 27-Nov-10
WNBL West Coast Waves ‘West Coast Waves 0 16-Aug-10
WNBL West Coast Waves ‘West Coast Waves 0 27-Nov-10
WNCL Western Fury ‘Western Fury 0 16-Aug-10
WNCL Western Fury ‘Western Fury 0 27-Nov-10
Women’s World Cup Soccer Matildas Matildas 16 1-Jul-10
Women’s World Cup Soccer Matildas Matildas 16 27-Nov-10

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Compete and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport

Posted by Laura on Friday, 26 November, 2010

Compete is an analytics company similar to Alexa. It also collects information from user installed toolbars to calculate how many estimated unique visitors sites get each months. Compete’s calculations are based on US visitors only. Given that, it has limited usage for female Australian sport teams. It’s best usage potential is likely for individual female athletes who have sponsorship deals. In this context, the athlete’s reach in the American market can begin to be understand, especially in the context of other athletes from around the world that compete in the same sport and with all female Australian athletes.

This thinking is born out when traffic stats are looked at. The Australian tennis player, Sam Stosur, has the most American traffic of everyone looked at. Her traffic peaked during the northern Summer and when most of the tennis competitions were going on. There appears to be an exception counter to this rule with the Adelaide Adrenaline that cannot be easily explained as the June 2010 does not appear to coincide with the AWIHL season. It does coincide with the men’s season, where the domain is shared by the men’s team. The men’s team has an American player.

Date Oct-09 Nov-09 Dec-09 Jan-10 Feb-10 Mar-10 Apr-10 May-10 Jun-10 Jul-10 Aug-10 Sep-10 Oct-10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 324 195 0 0 0 89 0 1488 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 476 428 0 1192 0 1608 1510 1101 19772 2090 1160 2693 633 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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Care2 and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport

Posted by Laura on Friday, 26 November, 2010

care2 is a small social network dedicated to people who are interested in making a difference. There is a small population of Australians and Australian sport fans on the network. The network is interesting because it allows its users to blog, create petitions, join groups and upload photos. Despite being a niche network for activist, it has all the features that most social networks have an its users take advantage of them to post about their own interests. The type of user here is different than some of the other types of fans online and given their activist interest, they might be worth courting as they may provide positive brand associations if their activist work matches with the philosophy of the team.

While the Socceroos may have four mentions in blogs and the Fremantle Dockers have twenty-four, Australian women’s sport do not fair nearly as well.

League Keyword Petitions Discussions Members Groups Photos Blogs Healthy Living Ecards Date checked
ANZ Championship ‘West Coast Fever 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 16-Aug-10
W-League W-League 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1-Jul-10
WNBL ‘Perth Lynx 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 16-Aug-10
WNBL ‘West Coast Waves 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 16-Aug-10
WNCL ‘Western Fury 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 16-Aug-10

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BlackPlanet and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport

Posted by Laura on Friday, 26 November, 2010

BlackPlanet is a small social networked targeted at African Americans. There is a small community of Australian sport fans on the site. They tend to prefer rugby. The development of an Australian and Kiwi women’s sport community on the site is probably hampered by the tiny community that exists for men. Some of the women’s sport, like netball and cricket, are also a bit niche and not popular in America. Even if there was a desire to create interest on this network, there is not likely the onsite population to make it happen.

League Interest Total Members Checked
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Queensland Firebirds 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship NSW Swifts 0 19-Nov-10
AWIHL AWIHL 0 19-Nov-10
W-League Canberra United 0 3-Jun-10
W-League W-League 0 19-Nov-10
Women’s World Cup Soccer Matildas 0 1-Jul-10

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43 Things and Australian women’s sport

Posted by Laura on Friday, 26 November, 2010

43 things is a goal setting community found at  Compared to professional sports for men, the women related goals are less likely to exist and less likely to involve a component that expresses fandom such as a desire to buy a shirt or attend a championship match.  This presents two issues.  First, the number of goals related to women’s sport is less than men’s: There is clearly a gap in interest levels between men and men’s sport that needs to be addressed.  Beyond that, it highlights the idea that women’s sport does not have the built in spectatorship that men’s sport has and people do not identify as clearly as fans of these teams.

The table below begins to give an idea as to the amount of interest in randomly selected women’s clubs, leagues and athletes on 43things over time.  As you can see, there isn’t. For comparisons sake, the Fremantle Dockers have 5 goals, the Collingwood Magpies have 6, Hawthorn Hawks have 4 and the Melbourne Storm have 2.

It appears, based on the audience using the site, that growing the women’s sport related goals in an organic manner, done with out deliberation on the part of various stakeholders, appears unlikely.  There is barely an audience for men and the Australian population using the site is much smaller than on other networks.

League Team Keyword Results Relevant goals Relevant goals + people Date checked
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever West Coast Fever 3019 0 0 16-Aug-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever West Coast Fever 0 0 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever West Coast Fever 3122 0 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever West Coast Fever 0 0 0 26-Nov-10
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever West Coast Fever 3135 0 0 26-Nov-10
Hockey Australia Hockeyroos Hockeyroos 0 0 0 24-Nov-10
Hockey Australia Hockeyroos Hockeyroos 0 0 0 26-Nov-10
Swimming Australia Stephanie Rice Stephanie Rice 0 0 0 19-Nov-10
Swimming Australia Stephanie Rice Stephanie Rice 591 0 0 19-Nov-10
Swimming Australia Stephanie Rice Stephanie Rice 0 0 0 26-Nov-10
Swimming Australia Stephanie Rice Stephanie Rice 592 0 0 26-Nov-10
W-League Melbourne Victory Melbourne Victory 0 0 0 1-Jul-10
W-League Melbourne Victory Melbourne Victory 0 0 0 26-Nov-10
W-League W-League W-League 0 0 0 1-Jul-10
W-League W-League W-League 1 0 0 26-Nov-10
WNBL Perth Lynx Perth Lynx 6 0 0 16-Aug-10
WNBL Perth Lynx Perth Lynx 113 0 0 26-Nov-10
WNBL West Coast Waves West Coast Waves 3104 0 0 16-Aug-10
WNBL West Coast Waves West Coast Waves 0 0 0 26-Nov-10
WNBL West Coast Waves West Coast Waves 3227 0 0 26-Nov-10
WNCL Western Fury Western Fury 448 0 0 16-Aug-10
WNCL Western Fury Western Fury 0 0 0 26-Nov-10
WNCL Western Fury Western Fury 471 0 0 26-Nov-10

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Appendix A: Data Gathering Site Specific Methodologies (draft 1)

Posted by Laura on Wednesday, 24 November, 2010

And just to mix it up today and support the idea that I actually do write things, this would be a draft of some methodologies that will be headed into my appendix. A lot of it feels really simple, already gets stated inside existing chapters as I use the data and would eat up word count in my methodology in a really unhealthy way. (I’ve got about 20 of these methodologies to do. I should really do a summary about each particular site I’m using too. We’ll see. This section first.)

Appendix A
Data Gathering Site Specific Methodologies

43 Things
User information
To get user information from 43 Things, the first step was to identify goals that related to an Australian or New Zealand based sport club.  Searching using various keywords, reading the goals that related to the keywords and determining if they related to the search accomplished this.  Once a goal was identified and people were identified as having completed the goal or intending to complete the goal, the goal was recorded on a row in a 43 Things specific spreadsheet.  In a separate column, the team and league to which the goal related to were also recorded.  After this was completed, the user pages for people with that goal were visited.  Their username, city, state, country, birthday, website, and date joined were all recorded.  The last notation to the row was to include the date that this information was gathered.
During the time that this data was gathered, 43 Things changed the information that was available on the profiles.  This was done sometime between early June 2010 and  early November 2010.  Subsequently information such as city, state, country, birthday, website were not available on user profiles.  Only data gathered prior to this time exists except in cases where the data was checked at a later date and the user’s information had previously been recorded.

Total user information
Attempts were made to benchmark the level of interest in a team by recording the number of relevant search results on 43 things.  This was done by documenting the league and team that were being searched for in a row.  After that, the keyword used for the search was recorded in the same row.  The search was then completed and the total results were recorded.  A textual analysis of the search results was conducted and the total number of relevant results was recorded.  Of those relevant results, the total number of people working to accomplish them was then recorded.  Finally, the date the search was conducted was recorded.

Site rankings
A list of websites related to Australian and New Zealand sport was created.  This was recorded on a spreadsheet, with columns that listed the league and team that the domain featured.  For every domain on the list, the page about the domain on Alexa was checked.  The Alexa page URL for the domain was also recorded on the relevant row.  When visiting the page, the world rank was recorded.  If an Australian rank was also available, it was recorded in a separate Australian specific column.  Next, the date that this information was gathered was recorded.  After that, any notes the author had regarding the site were recorded.  This was mostly to identify the type of domain or if it ranked in a country outside Australia.  Lastly, in some cases, the paragraph of information provided by Alexa regarding the site’s traffic and demographics was recorded.

User  information
Profile information from bebo users was gathered by running a search related to a specific team or league.  The league and team that the search was related to was documented.  Once this was done, the people search results were copy and pasted to Notepad.  The search results were then formatted for pasting to the bebo user spreadsheet. Once copy and pasted, the author attempted to convert user-inputted locations into real locations of city, state, country.  The location field results were then found in columns for city, state, country instead of a location column.  The columns that existed then were league, team, name, gender, age, city, state, and country.  A final column was added that recorded the date this data was gathered.

Videos, Groups, Band information
There are three different search tabs on bebo beyond people that have information about the community size and audience for Australian and New Zealand sport.  They are Video, Groups and Bands.  Searched related to a specific team, player or league were run.  The relationship between the searches and the league and club were recorded.  The search results were then copy and pasted to Notepad where the results were formatted so they could be pasted on to a separate bebo related spreadsheet.  Once this was done, the following headers where information could be found included type, total (fans/viewers/members), loves, profile views, group created, genre, city, state, country, uploaded, uploader, and description.   The city, state and country information was documented using the same methodology as the bebo profile information.  Finally, a column was added that included the data that this data was gathered on.

Total search results
Total search results data came by recording the search term used, and recording the team and league that connect to that search term.  Once that was done, the total results were recorded for People, Video, Music, Groups, Apps and Skins. The date the search was conducted was then recorded.  Finally, any notes regarding the search or its results were recorded.
When recording the results, in almost all cases, the total results were included.  In a few select cases, generally when the results were 20 or less, the total number of results deemed relevant were recorded.  This was deemed important for smaller sport fan communities where one or two videos or groups may represent the whole community.  An example search where this was done involved a search for “Giants Football Club” because the results picked up rugby league teams and the New York Giants.

User information
User information was gathered once a search had been conducted and resulted in a user appearing.  If a user appeared for that search, the league and team related to that search were recorded.  The user name was then recorded.  The user page was then opened and the following data was collected: Country, gender and age. Lastly, the date this information was gathered was documented.

Total user information
To gather total user information, a search phrase was thought of and recorded.  In separate columns, the league and team the search related to were recorded.  The profile search was then conducted and the total number of results were recorded.  Finally, the date the search was conducted on was recorded.

User information
User information was gathered once a search had been conducted and resulted in a user appearing.  If a user appeared for that search, the league and team related to that search were recorded.  The user name was then recorded.  The user page was then opened and the following data was collected: Age, Gender, Astrological sign, City, State, Country. Lastly, the date this information was gathered was documented.

Total user information
To gather total user information, a search phrase was thought of and recorded.  In separate columns, the league and team the search related to were recorded.  The profile search was then conducted and the total number of results were recorded.  Finally, the date the search was conducted on was recorded.

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Search traffic stats to OzzieSport

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 14 November, 2010

I thought this might be a bit interesting so I decided to post it.  Basically, for the period between November 7 and November 13, I got the daily total for all the keywords that led to OzzieSport.  This data is available from Google Analytics.  For every keyword, I tried to assign a league and a team.  This wasn’t always possible as keywords related to writing a PhD proposal aren’t sport related.  Once that was done, I totaled everything up by team to see which teams and leagues gave me the most search related traffic over the past week.  (This is all entirely subjective in that the SEO work I do/don’t do has a large impact on the findability of my blog.  Ditto for the topics covered. Nonetheless, this is interesting to me.)

League Team 7-Nov-10 8-Nov-10 9-Nov-10 10-Nov-10 11-Nov-10 12-Nov-10 13-Nov-10
ABL ABL 1 0 0 0 0 0 1
AFL AFL 1 0 3 1 3 3 0
New Zealand Roller Derby Bay City Rollers 0 0 0 0 0 0 1
Swimming Australia Blair Evans 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
NRL Canberra Raiders 40 33 93 16 5 10 12
Football Australia Football Victoria 1 1 0 0 0 0 0
General Australian sport General Australian sport 3 4 3 5 6 3 2
Archery Australia Guy Phillips 0 0 1 0 0 0 0
Yatching Australia Jessica Watson 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
NRL Melbourne Storm 0 0 0 1 0 0 0
Netball Australia Netball Australia 0 0 1 0 0 1 0
NRL NRL 0 0 1 2 0 1 0
NRL Penrtih Panthers 0 0 0 0 0 1 0
Swimming Australia Swimming Australia 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
AIS UCNISS 1 0 0 0 0 0 0
AFL Western Bulldogs 0 1 0 0 0 0 0
W-League W-League 0 0 0 0 0 1 0

Yeah, poor Joel Monaghan. His plight gave me a fairly above average search traffic boost. :/

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Online Activity in the Wake of the Melbourne Storm Controversy Revisited (incomplete)

Posted by Laura on Monday, 1 November, 2010

This isn’t actually fully revisited. I started writing this about a week ago and then have had extremely limited internet access. Given that, I thought I would post what I have so far and finish the rest later.

Online Activity in the Wake of the  Melbourne Storm Controversy Revisited (incomplete)

On April 22, 2010, the news of salary cap violations on the part of the Melbourne Storm broke online in such publications as the Fox Sports, on television including ABC news and on multiple social networks including Facebook and Twitter. By April 23, the news was available in various print publications including The Australian and the Sydney Morning Herald. During the news coverage, NRL fans learned that the team had been fined $1.8 million, stripped of two premiereships and were not eligible to earn points towards 2010’s premiership. (“Melbourne storm stripped,” 2010) The team was being punished for salary cap violations over the past five years, where the total cap violation in that period was $1.7 million with $400,000 of that total cap violation occurring in 2009. (“Melbourne storm stripped,” 2010)

The consensus at the time in the media was that this would hurt the team in terms of maintaining a fan base. In the three-week period after the news broke, this did not appear to be the case: The team maintained or grew its online fan community. In addition, there was more fan interactions in the Melbourne Storm fan community than there had been prior to the controversy. This defied conventional wisdom. The numbers deserve a followup to determine if the Melbourne Storm managed to capture short-term interest and translate it into long-term, season long, interest in the club.

This article will revisit numbers from May to determine how successful the club was. Specifically, interest patterns as expressed on networks like 43things, bebo, Facebook, LiveJournal and its clones, Twitter, Wikia, Wikiedia, Yahoo!Groups and YouTube. The article will prove that as the season progressed, interest in the Melbourne Storm declined relative to other teams in the National Rugby League.


In the May analysis, a goal setting site called 43things was looked at. The site has a small group of Australians on it who have set professional sport related goals.

On April 1, 2010, the site was searched for any goals that connected to the Melbourne Storm. Only one goal related to the Melbourne Storm was found. It is “Go to a Melbourne Storm Game.” (1) Two people, erynne and mmcpharlane, had listed this as a goal they were working towards completing. When checked again on May 10 and October 24, no one had added any additional goals related to the Melbourne Storm. The two individuals who had listed “Go to a Melbourne Storm Game” remained the same.

Mailing lists

During much of the 1990s, mailing lists were one of the most popular tools for fans to use in order to communicate with each other. The creation of mailing lists became much easier when sites like egroups, coollists, topica, Yahoo!Groups and Google groups were created. In some corners of Australian sport fandom, mailing lists have played an important role in helping fans support their interest in clubs.

At one point, there was a semi-active community for the Melbourne Storm community on Yahoo!Groups. (2) When Melbourne Storm Yahoo!Groups were looked at in May, the controversy had no effect on the groups: No new content was posted on these lists. Only one (3) had new content posted between May and October; this new content was a generic newsletter that is sent out to several other NRL related lists and was not published specifically for this list. (4) There is no long tail effect of the club’s fan community on Yahoo!Groups as the community has long since moved on and the controversy didn’t activate a community that has largely been inactive since 2001.


YouTube is the largest video site online. It is also the second biggest search engine online. (Hill, 2008) It is a popular site for sport fans; several teams around the world for different sports capitalize on this by having their own official accounts including the Chicago Red Stars (5), Real Madrid (6), and Perth Glory (7). Beyond the presence of official team accounts, fans upload many videos. Fan videos can be music videos, news clips, and video blogs. The frequency of uploads is one way to determine interest in a club.

When the original analysis was completed in May, it did not include YouTube data. Data was only gathered in June and October, several months after the controversy went down. In addition, the total upload data gathered only included a few teams: Brisbane Broncos, Canberra Raiders, Gold Coast Titans, Melbourne Storm, Parramatta Eels, and Wests Tigers. Despite the lack of pre-controversy data, interesting post controversy numbers were discovered.

Table 1
YouTube Video Search Results by Date and Keyword
Team Keyword 16-Jun-10 21-Jun-10 24-Oct-10 Difference: 16-Jun to 24-Oct Difference: 21-Jun to 24-Oct
Brisbane Broncos “Brisbane Broncos” 509


525 16 5
Melbourne Storm “Melbourne Storm” 910 925 889 -21 -36

Parramatta Eels

“Parramatta Eels” 479 485 527 48 42
Parramatta Eels “Timana Tahu” 36 36


-5 -5
Wests Tigers “Wests Tigers” 390 404 464 74 60
Canberra Raiders

“Canberra Raiders”

274 403 129
Gold Coast Titans “Gold Coast Titans” 260 302 42
Brisbane Broncos “Darren Lockyer” 198 187 187 -11

When compared to all other teams, the Melbourne Storm were the only team where the number of videos mentioning them decreased. The two players looked at both faced losses in the total number of videos that mentioned them. Like the Storm, both of these players were involved in a major controversy during the season.

There are likely three reasons that could be attributed to the decline in videos. The first is that YouTube removed the videos because of copyright issues. This is plausible and if it is the case, it may not be the fault of the Storm as many of the copyright disputes on YouTube involve the background music. Given the lack of discussion in the NRL community about YouTube crackdowns in terms of NRL content or music, this reason just seems unlikely. The second reason is the creators may have deleted their content and their videos. This feels more plausible. Many people delete their online content when they are job hunting, because they are embarrassed by it or because of privacy concerns. The third reason is that the uploader no longer likes the team: They do not want to be associated with them or embarrassed by their previous support of them. This reason seems the most plausible. In the context of the Melbourne Storm, it fits given the patterns with the individual rugby league players who endured major controversies. In actuality, the reduction in videos is probably a combination of the second and third reasons. If true, it suggests that controversies lead to a reduction in user-uploaded content and the deletion of existing material: The YouTube audience for the team contracts.


Hill, J. (2008, October 16). YouTube surpasses Yahoo as world’s #2 search engine. TG Daily. Retrieved October 24, 2010, from

Melbourne storm stripped of two premierships for salary cap breach. (2010, April 22). Fox Sports, Retrieved from,8659,27022196-5018866,00.html


1. The page for the goal can be found at .
2.Yahoo!Groups is the most popular mailing list host.  Archives are also available for these lists.
The list was .
3.While these e-mails were generic to the National Rugby League and might be considered spam if they were posted on a list with a more active administrator, a few did mention the Melbourne Storm.  A few even referenced the controversy.  Because of the nature of the posts, these few posts were not counted.
4.The Chicago Red Stars official YouTube can be found at .
5.Real Madrid’s official YouTube account can be found at .
6.Perth Glory’s official YouTube account can be found at .

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Data dump: Australian sport (AFL, NRL) ranking on Alexa

Posted by Laura on Monday, 25 October, 2010

This is the last of my data dumps from this weekend.  I’ve heard that the penetration of the Alexa toolbar in Australia is really low.  Given that, these numbers are probably less than reliable.  Still, given the absence of other public data, you work with what you have.  This is one of those cases.  Because of some issues, this only includes NRL and AFL urls.  (My actual list is a bit longer and includes more teams.)

Team Site Alexa World Rank Rank in AU Date collected
Greater Western Sydney 4,442,773 9-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,848,285 13-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,854,286 18-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,860,159 22-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,864,102 24-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,945,522 16-Aug-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,707,255 8-Sep-10
Greater Western Sydney 9,038,280 23-Oct-10
Greater Western Sydney 9,038,609 24-Oct-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,869,775 29-Jul-10
Adelaide Crows 273,306 4,500 5-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 271,915 4,410 8-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 272,875 4,307 9-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 277,777 4,364 13-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 278,402 4,364 14-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 282,073 4,928 18-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 286,185 5,344 22-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 287,605 5,601 25-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 287,711 5,931 26-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 290,357 5,969 29-Jun-10
Adelaide Crows 315,326 9,991 3-Jul-10
Adelaide Crows 331,231 12,121 9-Jul-10
Adelaide Crows 350,004 10,098 18-Jul-10
Adelaide Crows 383,048 5,852 16-Aug-10
Adelaide Crows 428,649 9,664 24-Oct-10
Adelaide Crows 360,510 6,853 29-Jul-10
AFL 7,002 45 1-May-10
AFL 7,002 41 10-May-10
AFL 5,777 42 13-May-10
AFL 5,002 41 2-Jun-10
AFL 4,981 43 5-Jun-10
AFL 4,834 42 8-Jun-10
AFL 4,779 41 9-Jun-10
AFL 4,733 46 13-Jun-10
AFL 4,676 46 14-Jun-10
AFL 4,574 46 18-Jun-10
AFL 4,492 46 22-Jun-10
AFL 4,459 50 25-Jun-10
AFL 4,472 56 26-Jun-10
AFL 4,504 58 29-Jun-10
AFL 4,628 61 1-Jul-10
AFL 4,659 64 3-Jul-10
AFL 4,703 64 9-Jul-10
AFL 4,764 63 18-Jul-10
AFL 4,787 61 21-Jul-10
AFL 4,799 59 22-Jul-10
AFL 4,795 60 24-Jul-10
AFL 5,102 55 16-Aug-10
AFL 6,147 103 24-Oct-10
AFL 4,840 55 29-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 6,395,688 13-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 6,404,047 18-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 6,413,829 22-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 6,418,454 24-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 4,532,855 16-Aug-10
Greater Western Sydney 5,548,292 24-Oct-10
Greater Western Sydney 5,640,097 29-Jul-10
Essendon Bombers 444,657 8,038 5-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 439,516 9,377 14-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 430,128 8,301 18-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 461,423 7,973 16-Aug-10
Essendon Bombers 264,586 3,374 24-Oct-10
Essendon Bombers 418,968 5,284 29-Jul-10
Carlton Blues 164,306 2,084 5-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 163,161 2,134 8-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 164,100 2,275 9-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 163,511 2,662 14-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 166,624 2,821 18-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 168,242 3,322 22-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 172,131 3,462 25-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 172,686 3,845 26-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 172,955 3,845 29-Jun-10
Carlton Blues 179,171 4,187 3-Jul-10
Carlton Blues 193,794 3,927 18-Jul-10
Carlton Blues 239,135 3,496 16-Aug-10
Carlton Blues 239,918 2,658 24-Oct-10
Carlton Blues 206,878 3,739 29-Jul-10
Collingwood Magpies 125,048 1,548 5-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 126,241 1,608 8-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 125,076 1,620 9-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 124,272 1,776 14-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 123,270 1,871 18-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 123,380 1,937 22-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 127,312 2,131 25-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 127,353 2,111 26-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 127,054 2,094 29-Jun-10
Collingwood Magpies 132,935 2,200 3-Jul-10
Collingwood Magpies 137,695 2,163 9-Jul-10
Collingwood Magpies 141,763 2,179 18-Jul-10
Collingwood Magpies 140,811 1,293 16-Aug-10
Collingwood Magpies 84,719 940 24-Oct-10
Collingwood Magpies 141,212 1,593 29-Jul-10
AFL 686,566 14,445 13-May-10
AFL 696,070 13,869 5-Jun-10
AFL 677,940 16,667 14-Jun-10
AFL 691,598 18,994 18-Jun-10
AFL 764,452 23,707 16-Aug-10
AFL 776,900 24,580 24-Oct-10
AFL 766,302 33,222 29-Jul-10
Melbourne Demons 250,209 3,084 5-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 247,751 3,181 14-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 241,702 3,306 18-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 276,690 4,912 16-Aug-10
Melbourne Demons 329,702 8,237 24-Oct-10
Melbourne Demons 255,537 4,505 29-Jul-10
Essendon Bombers 134,041 1,549 5-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 133,566 1,659 8-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 133,283 1,625 9-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 130,140 1,643 13-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 129,284 1,650 14-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 129,981 1,819 18-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 129,963 1,974 22-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 131,218 2,067 25-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 132,607 2,134 26-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 132,863 2,138 29-Jun-10
Essendon Bombers 137,271 2,358 3-Jul-10
Essendon Bombers 156,049 3,587 18-Jul-10
Essendon Bombers 158,630 3,382 21-Jul-10
Essendon Bombers 159,291 3,434 22-Jul-10
Essendon Bombers 160,767 3,537 24-Jul-10
Essendon Bombers 184,598 2,478 16-Aug-10
Essendon Bombers 214,364 2,862 24-Oct-10
Essendon Bombers 165,405 2,992 29-Jul-10
Fremantle Dockers 325,524 4,757 5-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 316,766 4,841 8-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 316,613 4,725 9-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 321,871 5,634 14-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 318,279 6,153 18-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 323,621 8,126 22-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 326,973 9,297 25-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 327,128 9,564 26-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 328,241 9,800 29-Jun-10
Fremantle Dockers 351,042 13,731 3-Jul-10
Fremantle Dockers 410,278 13,981 18-Jul-10
Fremantle Dockers 422,062 12,054 21-Jul-10
Fremantle Dockers 422,355 12,105 22-Jul-10
Fremantle Dockers 417,227 10,555 24-Jul-10
Fremantle Dockers 478,290 8,167 16-Aug-10
Fremantle Dockers 424,309 9,114 24-Oct-10
Fremantle Dockers 440,121 9,471 29-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 346,158 6,727 5-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 334,724 6,696 8-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 335,900 6,147 9-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 337,666 6,221 14-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 339,158 5,775 18-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 324,562 5,478 22-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 323,951 5,946 25-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 330,034 6,102 26-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 326,111 6,083 29-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 329,178 5,878 3-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 331,197 7,589 18-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 335,971 8,860 21-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 336,037 8,889 22-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 334,267 334,267 7,581 24-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 353,064 6,725 16-Aug-10
Geelong Cats 345,665 8,175 23-Oct-10
Geelong Cats 343,792 8,423 24-Oct-10
Geelong Cats 345,849 7,771 29-Jul-10
Gold Coast Football Club 688,882 13,830 9-Jun-10
Gold Coast Football Club 691,455 13,776 14-Jun-10
Gold Coast Football Club 671,517 13,337 18-Jun-10
Gold Coast Football Club 681,441 13,282 22-Jun-10
Gold Coast Football Club 666,028 13,353 25-Jun-10
Gold Coast Football Club 663,862 13,529 26-Jun-10
Gold Coast Football Club 652,754 12,580 29-Jun-10
Gold Coast Football Club 720,410 19,528 13-Jul-10
Gold Coast Football Club 727,853 19,507 18-Jul-10
Gold Coast Football Club 705,226 14,005 22-Jul-10
Gold Coast Football Club 680,847 12,427 24-Jul-10
Gold Coast Football Club 588,029 7,891 2-Aug-10
Gold Coast Football Club 587,718 6,840 16-Aug-10
Gold Coast Football Club 422,023 8,802 24-Oct-10
Gold Coast Football Club 574,715 8,500 29-Jul-10
Hawthorn Hawks 130,153 1,624 5-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 129,532 1,784 8-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 128,791 1,794 9-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 127,252 1,907 14-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 129,336 2,071 18-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 126,155 2,131 22-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 125,699 2,113 25-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 126,459 2,211 26-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 128,777 2,347 29-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 151,196 1,937 16-Aug-10
Hawthorn Hawks 173,385 3,318 24-Oct-10
Hawthorn Hawks 141,561 2,360 29-Jul-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 435,131 6,042 5-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 421,907 6,228 8-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 423,830 6,443 9-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 422,612 6,798 14-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 419,660 7,373 18-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 424,242 8,047 22-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 423,962 9,074 25-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 425,991 9,100 26-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 427,376 9,185 29-Jun-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 587,972 16,584 16-Aug-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 658,848 9,013 24-Oct-10
North Melbourne Kangaroos 520,203 14,172 29-Jul-10
Brisbane Lions 199,852 1,973 5-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 195,641 2,090 8-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 195,191 2,130 9-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 191,503 2,096 13-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 190,959 2,104 14-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 190,223 2,154 18-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 183,544 2,166 22-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 178,333 2,120 25-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 178,087 2,175 26-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 178,769 2,214 29-Jun-10
Brisbane Lions 185,896 2,495 3-Jul-10
Brisbane Lions 183,747 2,462 18-Jul-10
Brisbane Lions 201,832 2,903 16-Aug-10
Brisbane Lions 282,361 6,274 24-Oct-10
Brisbane Lions 190,241 2,785 29-Jul-10
Melbourne Demons 214,459 3,049 5-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 211,653 3,126 8-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 213,140 3,126 9-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 204,658 2,757 14-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 201,038 2,665 18-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 197,686 2,425 22-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 197,707 2,297 25-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 195,436 2,298 26-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 193,419 2,213 29-Jun-10
Melbourne Demons 189,203 2,276 16-Aug-10
Melbourne Demons 237,209 4,603 24-Oct-10
Melbourne Demons 199,203 2,956 29-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 17,481,491 5-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 17,522,828 14-Jun-10
Geelong Cats n/a 18-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 22,519,604 16-Aug-10
Geelong Cats 23,044,201 23-Oct-10
Geelong Cats 23,042,390 24-Oct-10
Geelong Cats n/a 29-Jul-10
Hawthorn Hawks 8,327,252 13-May-10
Hawthorn Hawks 6,592,328 5-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 4,649,644 14-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 5,061,736 18-Jun-10
Hawthorn Hawks 7,200,120 16-Aug-10
Hawthorn Hawks 4,605,173 24-Oct-10
Hawthorn Hawks 5,014,151 29-Jul-10
Port Adelaide Power 308,152 4,183 5-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 298,419 4,603 8-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 297,335 4,687 9-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 299,678 4,816 13-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 298,780 5,110 14-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 289,523 4,602 18-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 295,440 4,663 22-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 298,947 5,135 25-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 302,083 5,148 26-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 306,714 5,180 29-Jun-10
Port Adelaide Power 329,246 7,484 9-Jul-10
Port Adelaide Power 332,859 8,033 18-Jul-10
Port Adelaide Power 340,431 8,845 21-Jul-10
Port Adelaide Power 339,665 8,627 22-Jul-10
Port Adelaide Power 342,101 8,075 24-Jul-10
Port Adelaide Power 426,609 12,814 16-Aug-10
Port Adelaide Power 492,453 7,616 24-Oct-10
Port Adelaide Power 357,096 8,099 29-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 797,187 19,352 5-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 810,706 33,282 14-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 814,850 41,149 18-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 866,903 13-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 914,792 18-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 1,770,963 56,994 16-Aug-10
Sydney Swans 1,196,985 24-Oct-10
Sydney Swans 1,306,356 29-Jul-10
Richmond Tigers 155,839 2,367 5-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 155,938 2,417 8-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 157,064 2,380 9-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 157,228 2,449 13-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 156,947 2,408 14-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 156,432 2,502 18-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 158,486 2,450 22-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 157,545 2,510 25-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 156,967 2,502 26-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 161,167 2,436 29-Jun-10
Richmond Tigers 156,720 2,053 16-Aug-10
Richmond Tigers 163,661 2,205 24-Oct-10
Richmond Tigers 159,928 2,141 29-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 220,585 2,616 5-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 218,878 2,634 8-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 220,335 2,685 9-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 215,658 2,655 13-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 213,777 2,659 14-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 219,131 2,860 18-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 219,987 3,279 22-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 221,887 3,784 25-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 221,343 3,970 26-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 220,006 4,021 29-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 221,921 4,179 1-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 220,113 3,873 3-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 218,265 3,369 9-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 222,663 3,100 18-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 227,343 2,984 21-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 228,096 2,961 22-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 226,251 2,820 24-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 217,586 2,547 2-Aug-10
St. Kilda Saints 213,220 2,541 16-Aug-10
St. Kilda Saints 181,212 181,212 24-Oct-10
St. Kilda Saints 222,651 2,476 29-Jul-10
St. Kilda Saints 603,805 10,425 5-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 569,539 9,353 14-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 569,049 10,764 18-Jun-10
St. Kilda Saints 437,510 14,026 2-Aug-10
St. Kilda Saints 435,013 12,734 16-Aug-10
St. Kilda Saints 322,294 7,219 24-Oct-10
St. Kilda Saints 432,371 13,078 29-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 153,740 1,644 5-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 152,809 1,722 8-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 152,760 1,727 9-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 153,156 1,920 14-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 154,646 1,986 18-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 154,622 2,018 22-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 156,658 2,436 25-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 157,414 2,487 26-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 157,181 2,444 29-Jun-10
Sydney Swans 161,064 2,680 13-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 160,436 2,591 18-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 167,730 2,669 22-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 169,378 2,592 24-Jul-10
Sydney Swans 201,216 3,663 16-Aug-10
Sydney Swans 275,893 7,918 24-Oct-10
Sydney Swans 172,672 2,577 29-Jul-10
AFL 179,293 3,020 5-Jun-10
AFL 182,426 3,076 14-Jun-10
AFL 183,638 3,329 18-Jun-10
AFL 222,457 4,314 16-Aug-10
AFL 246,360 11,017 24-Oct-10
AFL 214,367 3,938 29-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,513,483 30,347 5-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,447,020 26,435 8-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,447,054 28,346 9-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,457,126 27,286 13-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,479,959 28,647 14-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,530,445 28,349 18-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,653,548 31,158 22-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,670,491 31,603 25-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,670,307 31,701 26-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,670,473 31,623 29-Jun-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,661,911 13-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 1,754,881 18-Jul-10
Greater Western Sydney 2,387,406 16-Aug-10
Greater Western Sydney 3,363,280 24-Oct-10
Greater Western Sydney 2,033,718 29-Jul-10
Geelong Cats 3,511,841 5-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 3,359,656 14-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 3,362,181 18-Jun-10
Geelong Cats 5,128,408 117,017 16-Aug-10
Geelong Cats 4,114,565 23-Oct-10
Geelong Cats 4,114,659 24-Oct-10
Geelong Cats 4,250,299 29-Jul-10
West Coast Eagles 329,644 4,678 5-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 324,656 4,959 8-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 327,901 4,920 9-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 318,537 4,889 14-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 316,081 4,776 18-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 313,496 4,733 22-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 318,922 5,167 25-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 318,157 5,363 26-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 317,442 5,596 29-Jun-10
West Coast Eagles 365,818 5,718 16-Aug-10
West Coast Eagles 398,990 10,173 24-Oct-10
West Coast Eagles 336,948 5,114 29-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 501,578 9,931 2-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 504,585 9,758 5-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 500,984 10,763 8-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 500,963 11,746 9-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 511,729 14,033 13-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 499,367 13,728 14-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 531,783 13,424 18-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 559,743 13,174 22-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 551,723 12,349 24-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 556,842 12,471 25-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 563,346 14,540 26-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 560,440 14,162 29-Jun-10
Western Bulldogs 591,874 15,692 1-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 574,308 12,839 3-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 609,033 15,412 9-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 628,714 14,947 18-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 643,052 15,613 21-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 648,301 16,455 22-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 645,468 16,733 24-Jul-10
Western Bulldogs 576,646 10,744 2-Aug-10
Western Bulldogs 633,564 10,198 16-Aug-10
Western Bulldogs 509,967 12,380 24-Oct-10
Western Bulldogs 602,105 11,042 29-Jul-10
Brisbane Broncos 313,006 5,668 1-May-10
Brisbane Broncos 295,846 6,972 2-Jun-10
Brisbane Broncos 293,295 6,094 5-Jun-10
Brisbane Broncos 294,207 5,857 8-Jun-10
Brisbane Broncos 292,701 4,885 14-Jun-10
Brisbane Broncos 294,030 4,540 18-Jun-10
Brisbane Broncos 377,266 25,896 23-Oct-10
Brisbane Broncos 289,581 3,434 29-Jul-10
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 570,131 11,071 18-Jun-10
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 1,138,482 49,598 23-Oct-10
Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs 616,764 8,939 29-Jul-10
North Queensland Cowboys 1,481,132 18-Jun-10
North Queensland Cowboys 2,059,038 40,858 23-Oct-10
North Queensland Cowboys 1,648,323 33,491 29-Jul-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 399,804 4,845 1-May-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 335,682 4,664 2-Jun-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 344,472 5,398 5-Jun-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 355,054 6,580 14-Jun-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 344,494 6,909 16-Jun-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 344,768 7,941 18-Jun-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 292,655 3,871 23-Oct-10
St George Illawarra Dragons 378,400 7,650 29-Jul-10
Melbourne Storm 331,594 2,730 1-May-10
Melbourne Storm 331,594 2,564 10-May-10
Melbourne Storm 307,635 2,434 18-May-10
Melbourne Storm 317,162 11,340 2-Jun-10
Melbourne Storm 322,986 12,304 5-Jun-10
Melbourne Storm 334,673 25,470 14-Jun-10
Melbourne Storm 344,174 26,107 17-Jun-10
Melbourne Storm 340,039 22,130 18-Jun-10
Melbourne Storm 1,166,158 50,773 23-Oct-10
Melbourne Storm 613,914 12,449 29-Jul-10
Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 424,983 8,316 18-Jun-10
Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 591,654 36,501 23-Oct-10
Manly Warringah Sea Eagles 440,562 7,460 29-Jul-10
Newcastle Knights 1,359,250 27,042 1-May-10
Newcastle Knights 1,411,848 67,121 5-Jun-10
Newcastle Knights 1,496,254 93,609 14-Jun-10
Newcastle Knights 1,552,412 78,206 18-Jun-10
Newcastle Knights 1,168,850 35,811 23-Oct-10
Newcastle Knights 1,779,286 43,681 29-Jul-10
NRL 16,936 137 1-May-10
NRL 16,936 124 10-May-10
NRL 14,260 127 13-May-10
NRL 13,590 128 18-May-10
NRL 11,907 130 2-Jun-10
NRL 11,856 139 5-Jun-10
NRL 11,099 126 14-Jun-10
NRL 11,208 123 16-Jun-10
NRL 11,238 123 17-Jun-10
NRL 11,280 126 18-Jun-10
NRL 14,534 408 23-Oct-10
NRL 11,713 136 29-Jul-10
Parramatta Eels 509,204 9,938 18-Jun-10
Parramatta Eels 881,239 15,051 23-Oct-10
Parramatta Eels 612,992 16,933 29-Jul-10
Penrith Panthers 1,037,855 23,276 1-May-10
Penrith Panthers 901,889 25,798 5-Jun-10
Penrith Panthers 875,353 20,462 14-Jun-10
Penrith Panthers 892,032 19,275 16-Jun-10
Penrith Panthers 924,834 20,629 18-Jun-10
Penrith Panthers 999,152 38,268 23-Oct-10
Penrith Panthers 958,373 16,056 29-Jul-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 358,777 6,009 1-May-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 377,854 7,131 2-Jun-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 382,358 7,809 5-Jun-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 379,644 6,941 14-Jun-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 381,121 6,695 16-Jun-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 385,557 6,538 18-Jun-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 443,379 10,423 23-Oct-10
South Sydney Rabbitohs 451,061 8,266 29-Jul-10
Canberra Raiders 635,576 13,870 16-Jun-10
Canberra Raiders 636,698 14,489 17-Jun-10
Canberra Raiders 639,820 14,533 18-Jun-10
Canberra Raiders 568,062 36,217 23-Oct-10
Canberra Raiders 669,540 12,400 29-Jul-10
NRL 1,374,405 1-May-10
NRL 8,126,658 23-Oct-10
NRL 5,062,279 130,822 29-Jul-10
Cronulla Sharks 857,670 15,193 1-May-10
Cronulla Sharks 862,900 18,169 5-Jun-10
Cronulla Sharks 837,505 16,195 14-Jun-10
Cronulla Sharks 841,707 15,352 18-Jun-10
Cronulla Sharks 730,452 17,088 23-Oct-10
Cronulla Sharks 773,661 10,578 29-Jul-10
Sydney Roosters 409,809 8,793 1-May-10
Sydney Roosters 490,632 15,478 5-Jun-10
Sydney Roosters 485,149 13,796 14-Jun-10
Sydney Roosters 486,125 14,037 16-Jun-10
Sydney Roosters 508,559 13,503 18-Jun-10
Sydney Roosters 321,779 6,146 23-Oct-10
Sydney Roosters 543,273 6,714 29-Jul-10
New Zealand Warriors 1,316,829 51,669 18-Jun-10
New Zealand Warriors 2,159,665 23-Oct-10
New Zealand Warriors 1,180,727 25,967 29-Jul-10
Gold Coast Titans 724,326 14,807 1-May-10
Gold Coast Titans 602,278 19,366 5-Jun-10
Gold Coast Titans 610,538 22,673 14-Jun-10
Gold Coast Titans 613,359 25,240 18-Jun-10
Gold Coast Titans 521,068 23-Oct-10
Gold Coast Titans 580,157 22,532 29-Jul-10
Wests Tigers 511,074 15,508 18-Jun-10
Wests Tigers 499,138 24,759 23-Oct-10
Wests Tigers 596,849 9,114 29-Jul-10

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Expanded Profile of Australian En-WP users

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 10 October, 2010

My dissertation topic involves doing a demographic and geographic study of Australian sport fandom online. There are several sites and social networks where you can get publicly available demographic data to begin to formulate a picture of the user population, and then segment that population out by interest in a league, sport and athlete. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Twitter, Facebook and LiveJournal. Recently, partly because of a trip to the Wikimedia Foundation and discussions with a few people at UCNISS, my interest in who was contributing to Australian sport wiki articles on Wikipedia increased.

Finding out who edited Wikipedia articles using publicly available information is a bit of a challenge. The most reliable information for who edited comes from IP address information. IP addresses can provide an idea as to the geographic location of the contributor. It is easy enough, with the help of a friend, to create a tool that pull the history of a Wikipedia article, get a list of IP addresses that edited the article, feed the IP address into another tool that will pull up the general location of the contributor. (One of my favorite visualizations of this type of information is WikipediaVision.) The data isn’t always accurate and if I was looking primarily at New Zealand, a country without its own dedicated IP address range, this would be even less reliable. Still, for my purposes, this data works pretty well.

This data is still pretty limited. There are a lot of articles that are edited by non-anonymous users. Sometimes, it is possible to get demographic and geographic information about Wikipedia contributors by viewing their profile pages. This can just be time consuming to do manually if an article has a large number of contributors as you need to view a lot of user pages. It becomes a deterrence for trying to collect geographic information about article contributors.

I was looking for a more time effective and accurate method of collecting geographic and demographic information about contributors that is publicly available on their user pages. The easiest and quickest way to get this information on a mass scale is to utilize user box information. Many user boxes, when included on a user page, put the user into a category. These categories are often then linked through the Wikipedian category structure. Beyond that, user boxes involve templates. It is easy to get a list of articles (user pages) that the template is included on.

The methodology that I selected from this point is rather straightforward. It involved:

1. Select a category.
2. Copy and paste the list of articles (user pages) in the selected category to an Excel spreadsheet. Sort the list alphabetically. Copy and paste only the user pages to Notepad. Replace * User with blank. Copy and paste this list back to Excel.
3. Create a filter where the cell contains / . Select those cells. Copy them to notepad, replace / with [tab] in order to remove user subpages from the list. Copy this back to Excel. Select only the column with usernames.
4. Run an advance filter in order to remove all duplicate rows.
5. Copy this list back to the dedicated spreadsheet. Label all those users with the category from which they were pulled in a unique column.
6. Repeat steps 1 to 5 until all the categories that you want to have included are included.
7. Merge/Group all the rows by username.

This method may not be the most efficient way of going about doing this. It can probably be improved by automating some of these steps. In my case, step 7 was not able to be completed using Excel. I had to e-mail the file to @woganmay, who I believe converted the file to a mySQL database, used the group feature, converted the results back to csv and e-mailed the file to me.

In my case, I did not complete this for every category. Some categories did not seem worth it time wise as they had too few user pages to be included. In other cases, the categories were just too big to do. This included all the members of User de, User en, User es, User fr, User it, User jp. Only a selected number of categories were included because of time constraints. Data gathering was focused on categories that I perceived would have the greatest number of Australians and other possible contributors to Australian related articles. When these categories were more exhausted, categories with between 1,00 and 5,000 articles were selected.

There are all sort of limitations to this data. First, not everyone includes userboxes on their profile pages. This means that there could be a lot more Australians on Wikipedia than indicated by userbox inclusion on a user page. The assumption for the resulting data is that proportional representation exists for various categories. So while there are X amount of Christians and Y amount of Atheists, the assumption that the relationship between X and Y will always be proportional to the actual population on Wikipedia. Whatever data is available thus has to be viewed as good enough or supplemented by going to individual user ages to see if other information is available when a user appears where no information for someone when running against the history of the article.

Second, even when they do exist, there are often useful pieces of information that are missing. For example, in an Australian context, there is a userbox for Rugby League fans. There is not however a userbox for Australian rules footy fans. There are also not user boxes and categories for fans of NRL or AFL teams. (This type of user box and category exists for National Hockey League teams.)

About halfway through this process, I realized that this data could be useful for analysis beyond who is editing Wikipedia. At the moment, I’ve only totaled data I have for Australians. It is pretty fascinating and would be neat to go further with: How does the proportional size of the Australian Wikipedian population compare against the actual population? Does the size of the Australian Atheist versus Christiah community actively reflect the proportions in Australian society? Or is the Australian Wikipedian community demographically distinct from the greater population?

The following tables include the data based on people who were included in Wikipedians in Australia and its subcategories and Australian Wikipedians. A copy of the raw data can be found at October 9 – Wikipedia English Data – Australians.xls. The data is provided without comment though any attempts at explaining the patterns found are very much appreciated.

Country Count
Bangladesh 3
Canada 2
Egypt 2
India 1
Indonesia 2
Ireland 3
Jamaica 2
Japan 5
New Zealand 17
Papua New Guinea 1
Republic of Ireland 5
Singapore 5
South Africa 2
South Korea 1
Sri Lanka 2
Tanzania 2
Turkey 2
United States 16
State Count
Australian Capital Territory 89
Canterbury 1
New South Wales 345
Northern Territory 5
Otago 1
Queensland 208
South Australia 144
Southland 1
Tasmania 54
Victoria 370
Wellington 2
Western Australia 145
Degree Count
BA degrees 21
BCom degrees 2
BCS degrees 3
BE degrees 18
BMus degrees 1
BS degrees 41
MS degrees 5
PhD degrees 18
University/Alma Mater Count
Australian National University 14
Avondale College 1
Charles Sturt University 1
Curtin University of Technology 7
Deakin University 6
Flinders University 7
Griffith University 1
James Cook University 2
La Trobe University 2
Macquarie University 5
Massey University 1
Monash University 19
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 10
University of Adelaide 4
University of Alberta 1
University of Canberra 3
University of Melbourne 21
University of New England 4
University of New South Wales 24
University of Newcastle 8
University of Sydney 16
University of Tasmania 3
University of Technology, Sydney 4
University of Western Australia 11
University of Wollongong 4
Victorian College of the Arts 1
Student type Count
Business students 3
College students 26
Law students 9
Medical students 8
University students 59
Website Count
Open Directory Project 1
OpenStreetMap 2
Wookieepedia 1
Religion Count
Anglican and Episcopalian 8
Antitheist 3
Atheist 97
Buddhist 13
Catholic 7
Christian 47
Eastern Orthodox 2
Hindu 1
Jewish 4
Lutheran 1
Methodist 2
Muslim 4
Non-denominational Christian 2
Objectivist 2
Pastafarian 17
Presbyterian 3
Protestant 11
Roman Catholic 10
Ethnicity and nationality Count
Argentine 2
Bangladeshi 2
British 3
English 10
Latino/Hispanic 1
Skill Count
Aircraft pilots 5
Artists 3
Engineers 17
Filmmakers 17
Homebrewers 10
Mechanical engineers 1
Professional writers 1
Surfers 2
Profession Count
Accountants 2
Actor 5
Actuaries 2
Aircraft pilots 5
Biologist 9
Broadcasters 5
Chemist 6
Composers 28
Computer scientists 7
Engineers 17
Filmmakers 17
Geoscientists 2
Mechanical engineers 1
Scientists 7
Teacher 18
University teacher 4
Web designers 2
Web developers 1
Interest Count
Chemistry 27
Cooking 1
Physics 34
Strings (physics) 6
Sports Count
Cavers 2
Cross-country runners 4
Dancers 3
Detroit Red Wings fans 2
Equestrians 2
Fencers 2
Geocachers 8
Hikers 2
Hunters 7
Outdoor pursuits 2
Rugby league fans 50
Runners 2
Sailing 1
Scuba divers 8
Snowboarders 2
Swimmers 16
Swing dancers 1
Toronto Maple Leafs fans 1
Ultimate Fighting Championship fans 2
Vancouver Canucks fans 3
WikiProject Tennis members 4
Wikipedia Status Count
Administrator hopefuls 41
Administrators 45
Administrators who will provide copies of deleted articles 11
Bureaucrats 1
Contribute to Wikimedia Commons 1
Create userboxes 3
Opted out of automatic signing 4
Reviewers 10
Rollbackers 27
Service Award Level 01 12
Service Award Level 02 14
Service Award Level 03 10
Service Award Level 04 5
Service Award Level 05 6
Service Award Level 06 9
Service Award Level 07 11
Service Award Level 08 3
Service Award Level 09 2
Wikimedia Commons administrators 2
Philosophy Count
Hindu 1
Humanist 6
Materialist 9
Pastafarian 16
Theist 9

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