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BlackPlanet and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport

Posted by Laura on Friday, 26 November, 2010

BlackPlanet is a small social networked targeted at African Americans. There is a small community of Australian sport fans on the site. They tend to prefer rugby. The development of an Australian and Kiwi women’s sport community on the site is probably hampered by the tiny community that exists for men. Some of the women’s sport, like netball and cricket, are also a bit niche and not popular in America. Even if there was a desire to create interest on this network, there is not likely the onsite population to make it happen.

League Interest Total Members Checked
ANZ Championship West Coast Fever 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Queensland Firebirds 0 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship NSW Swifts 0 19-Nov-10
AWIHL AWIHL 0 19-Nov-10
W-League Canberra United 0 3-Jun-10
W-League W-League 0 19-Nov-10
Women’s World Cup Soccer Matildas 0 1-Jul-10

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