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Books (and videos) I want

Posted by Laura on Tuesday, 2 November, 2010

As I’ve been visiting libraries and bookstores, I’ve been writing down and taking pictures of materials that I would like the University of Canberra Library to acquire.  If that isn’t possible, I’ve been noting these with the hopes that some random reader may have these books or books like these that they might want to permanently part (trade?) with so that I can read them.  (It never hurts to ask.  You never know.  If you have some Australian or Kiwi related sport books that you want to get rid of, let me know.  If you have general books about Australian rules football or netball or field hockey, also let me know.)  This is the list that I’ve come up with so far:

Title Author Sport
An illustrated history of the Essendon Football Club Forward by James Hard Australian rules football
Football Stories from Country Victoria [UNKNOWN] Australian rules football
Local Rites, A year in grass roots football in Victoria and beyond Paul Daffey Australian rules football
More than a game Rob Hess Australian rules football
Plugger and the Mighty Swans Jim Male Australian rules football
Side by Side, A season with Collingwood Peter Ryan Australian rules football
Tales from the Inner Sanctum [UNKNOWN] Australian rules football
The Australian Game of Football [UNKNOWN] Australian rules football
The Convert, A Fan’s Journey from League to AFL Peter Lewis Australian rules football
The Games are not the Same, The Political Economy of Football in Australia Bob Stewart Australian rules football
The Swan Lake Spectatular, How South Melbourne [UNKNOWN] 1933 VFL Premieres Mark [UNKNOWN] Australian rules football
The Tiger Growls Again Marc F[UNKNOWN] Australian rules football
Women, The forgotten heroes Kevin Sheedy and Carolyn Brown Australian rules football
The Victorian Ladies’s Bowling Association, A history from 1907 to present [UNKNOWN] Bowls
Punch! Why women participate in violent sports Jennifer Lawler General sport
Sporting Females, Critical issues in the history and sociology of women’s sports Jennifer Hargreaves General sport
Sporting Island, A history of sport and recreation in Tasmania David Young General sport
The Economic Impact of Sport and Recreation — Household Expenditure (Australia) Department of Arts, Sports, the Environment, Tourism and Travel General sport
A Netball History in Tasmania, The First Bounce, 1900-2005 Pauline Barker Netball
Anne Sargeant – Grace and Glory, The Netball Video THIS IS A VIDEO Netball
Yarrawon, Football-Netball, The Pigeon [UNKNOWN], 1883-200[UNKNOWN] [UNKNOWN] Netball
100 Years of Rugby League, Volume 2: 1967-2007 Ian Collis and Alan Whiticker Rugby league
A Centenary of Rugby League, 1908-2008, The definitive history of the game in Australia Ian Heads and David Middleton Rugby league
A League of Legends, 100 years of rugby league in Australia [UNKNOWN] Rugby league
The ABC of Rugby League Malcolm Andrews Rugby league
The History of Rugby League Clubs Ian Collis and Alan Whiticker Rugby league
A Game for Hooligans, A history of rugby union Huw Richards Rugby union
A History of Rugby Paul Morgan Rugby union
The Rugby Rebellion, The divide of league and union Sean Fagan Rugby union
All Whites ’82, The untold story behind New Zealand soccer’s greatest campaign John Matheson and Sam Malcomson Soccer
Marketing & Football, An international perspective Michael Despordes Soccer
No Free Kicks Eric Hedley Hayward Soccer
Popular Culture Studies: 8. The Football Imagination, The rise of football fanzine culture Soccer
The People’s Game? Football, finance and society Stephen Morrow Soccer

If there are any books you think I should be reading that deal with Australian sport fans or Australian sport history, let me know.

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