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Alexa ranks websites based on worldwide traffic.  If a site is popular in certain countries, it may also be ranked in those countries.  This data is gathered using toolbars that people on the web download and install. Some Australian tech people doubt the accuracy of the numbers for Australia as the toolbar is not widely installed.  Working on this assumption, most of the people in Australia and New Zealand who use the toolbar are people who are involved with online market, search engine optimization or some other group where website rankings matter. (This could be employees of a particular company installing the toolbar so that when they visit a site, it gets more views and thus the rank goes up.)
Still given the toolbar install limitations, Alexa is included to provide another perspective.   In terms of Australian and New Zealand’s women sport, this perspective is tech friendly people’s interest in women’s sport.  This group could be important to attract to as they are more likely to be involved with social media, social bookmarking and other forms of engagement online.
Assuming that Alexa’s toolbar is installed evenly amongst various groups of sport fans, Alexa’s perspective is best in terms of defining interest relative to other teams.  How popular is say netball compared to women’s swimming or basketball or cricket?  Alexa is also useful for determining when interest in a team peaks, and to find out of if this interest over time mirrors when competitions happen and big news is released.
There is a major limitation for using Alexa to gauge the comparative interest in women’s sport and that involves how women’s sport is organized.  In the case of the W-League, the W-League’s official page forwards to the A-League site.  For all teams but the Canberra United, the team pages are embedded inside the site for the men’s team and it is impossible to differentiate traffic between the two.  While this could be seen as good for women’s sport fandom by trying to get audience share from the men, it also is a bit unfair as those pages often aren’t updated as often and do not share equal space and visibility on a site.  Beyond that, it is just impossible to track interest in women’s sport separately and it makes it harder to justify say sponsorship for a women’s club alone.
The Alexa data is broken down by league in order to give a better perspective regarding the comparative performance of each team in the league.

ANZ Championship

Looking at this table, it clearly shows that when the season is going on, there is increased traffic to the site.  Teams do not maintain their traffic levels during the off season.  This data would have been better had it contained information regarding website rank during the Commonwealth Games to see if there was a bump in interest during that period.

Team Site Alexa World Rank Rank in AU Date collected
ANZ Championship 518,713 12,743 14-Jun-10
ANZ Championship 498,156 10,584 18-Jun-10
ANZ Championship 614,050 18,351 29-Jul-10
ANZ Championship 3,074,990 19-Nov-10
ANZ Championship 3,284,937 25-Nov-10
ANZ Championship 2,396,065 14-Jun-10
ANZ Championship 2,456,270 18-Jun-10
ANZ Championship 2,659,884 101,686 29-Jul-10
Canterbury Tactix 5,664,747 14-Jun-10
Canterbury Tactix 5,668,397 18-Jun-10
Canterbury Tactix 9,048,673 29-Jul-10
Canterbury Tactix 23,295,805 19-Nov-10
Canterbury Tactix 23,297,050 25-Nov-10
Melbourne Vixens 2,172,158 79,655 14-Jun-10
Melbourne Vixens 2,110,379 100,549 18-Jun-10
Melbourne Vixens 5,215,675 19-Nov-10
Melbourne Vixens 7,370,417 25-Nov-10
Melbourne Vixens 4,495,622 29-Jul-10
NSW Swifts 3,238,160 66,804 14-Jun-10
NSW Swifts 3,240,090 18-Jun-10
NSW Swifts 4,105,444 29-Jul-10
NSW Swifts 23,246,335 19-Nov-10
NSW Swifts 23,259,916 25-Nov-10
Queensland Firebirds 2,839,841 68,688 14-Jun-10
Queensland Firebirds 2,601,994 51,608 18-Jun-10
Queensland Firebirds 2,979,485 29-Jul-10
Queensland Firebirds 15,584,381 19-Nov-10
Queensland Firebirds 15,588,854 25-Nov-10
Southern Steel 11,092,039 14-Jun-10
Southern Steel 11,096,173 18-Jun-10
Southern Steel 11,632,258 29-Jul-10
Southern Steel 12,111,704 19-Nov-10
Southern Steel 12,128,215 25-Nov-10
West Coast Fever 9,865,396 14-Jun-10
West Coast Fever 9,864,676 18-Jun-10
West Coast Fever 13,051,518 29-Jul-10
West Coast Fever 15,456,338 19-Nov-10
West Coast Fever No Data 25-Nov-10

Australian Cycling Federation

This table includes both the Australian Cycling Federation and Rachel Neylan, a female Australian cyclist. Interest in Neylan is nowhere near the level of the federation that she’s part of. Her ranking is very low and suggests that she like gets less than a thousand visits a month. In November, interest in her dropped completely off. This is probably because there are not any major competitions which she has taken part in that have occurred in the past three months.

Site Alexa World Rank Rank in AU Date collected 549,145 22,569 17-Jun-10 543,357 19,747 18-Jun-10 647,545 12,636 29-Jul-10 607,424 9,467 19-Nov-10 587,215 8,322 25-Nov-10 8,052,043 17-Jun-10 8,051,092 18-Jun-10 5,360,003 29-Jul-10 No Data 19-Nov-10 No Data 25-Nov-10


The AWIHL season is currently going on. Most of the teams have their own websites hosted on their own domains. The possible exception is the Melbourne Ice, who are not included. Ice hockey in Australia is a small sport, with a niche audience for both participants and fans, and few facilities when compared to sports like netball and cricket. Opportunities for women are even small. Given these issues, it is not surprising that the team sites do rank at all in Australia and do not rank internationally.

Team Site Alexa World Rank Date collected
Melbourne Dragons No Data 25-Nov-10
Adelaide Adrenaline No Data 25-Nov-10
AWIHL No Data 25-Nov-10
Brisbane Goannas 18,088,755 25-Nov-10

Netball Australia

The domain here is for the netball federation in Australia. It suffers the same issue as the ANZ Championship data: It doesn’t really measure the impact of the Commonwealth Games in terms of traffic. It does demonstrate overall more interest in the national team than in the premiere women’s competition. This likely suggests that support for the national team does not translate into interest in the league. If that is true, it is a fundamental problem for the game that the federation and league should work on.

Site Alexa World Rank Rank in AU Date collected 263,724 2,690 14-Jun-10 257,042 2,725 18-Jun-10 246,351 2,586 24-Jun-10 250,151 5,912 29-Jul-10 460,551 16,385 8-Nov-10 531,403 27,357 19-Nov-10 573,716 24,636 24-Nov-10 586,836 18,441 25-Nov-10

Netball New Zealand
The table below represents a the Netball New Zealand federation and a local club side that plays in New Zealand. Neither has a rank in New Zealand. Given that, it could be surmised that comparatively speaking, netball is less popular population wise in New Zealand than in Australia. How accurate this is could be debatable as the NRL team for New Zealand often fails to rank inside New Zealand. Alexa may just not be as good in New Zealand as it is in Australia. That said, it looks like Netball New Zealand is more popular now than when the ANZ Championship was going on. This could possibly be a residual effect from the Commonwealth Games, where the Kiwis took gold.

Team Site Alexa World Rank Date collected
Netball New Zealand 1,882,209 14-Jun-10
Netball New Zealand 1,883,665 18-Jun-10
Netball New Zealand 1,801,761 29-Jul-10
Netball New Zealand 1,453,339 19-Nov-10
Netball New Zealand 1,481,882 25-Nov-10
Gilbert Netball No Data 14-Jun-10
Gilbert Netball No Data 18-Jun-10
Gilbert Netball No Data 29-Jul-10
Gilbert Netball No Data 19-Nov-10
Gilbert Netball No Data 25-Nov-10

Swimming Australia
Stephanie Rice’s site represents female interest in swimming. Stephanie is active on social networks like Twitter. In September 2010, she was involved in a major controversy for her use of the word faggot on Twitter. In October 2010, she attended a major Australian Rugby Union event. For better or worse, these two events really raised her profile. Data for Swimming Australia is provided in order to give context to Stephanie’s numbers.

Site Alexa World Rank Rank in AU Date collected 24,139,837 17-Jun-10 10,678,587 29-Jul-10 710,042 18,262 19-Nov-10 698,126 25,808 25-Nov-10 601,213 21,692 17-Jun-10 758,972 14,489 29-Jul-10 557,814 26,749 19-Nov-10 557,076 18,185 25-Nov-10

Tennis Australia
Tennis Australia is represented here by Sam Stosur. The number of dates information was collected is extremely limited but it suggests that interest peaked during the northern summer, when interest in tennis is at its highest.

Site Alexa World Rank Rank in AU Date collected 595,730 20,487 18-Jun-10 462,503 29-Jul-10 1,796,631 25-Nov-10 184,407 3,541 25-Nov-10

Measuring interest in the W-League using Alexa is difficult. The W-League domain redirects to the A-League page and only the Canberra United have an official site located on their own domain. Contrary to expectations, the start of the W-League season did not result in increased traffic to the United site.

Site Alexa World Rank Rank in AU Date collected 5,042,832 50,531 2-Jun-10 5,084,916 52,076 3-Jun-10 5,088,164 52,476 5-Jun-10 3,879,105 37,479 14-Jun-10 3,882,551 37,190 17-Jun-10 3,676,340 37,067 25-Jun-10 3,684,859 69,639 29-Jun-10 3,677,068 69,071 1-Jul-10 3,683,958 No Data 29-Jul-10 No Data No Data 25-Jun-10 No Data No Data 29-Jul-10 No Data No Data 19-Nov-10 No Data No Data 19-Nov-10 No Data No Data 25-Nov-10 No Data No Data 25-Nov-10


The WNCL is the premiere cricket competition for state teams in Australia. Data has only been found for the Victorian Spirit. As the cricket season has gotten underway, the team has seen their traffic increase. Inside Australia, it does not appear to have become a top 100,000 site. Given that cricket is one of the more popular women sports, that they don’t rank higher, is a bit surprising.

Site Alexa World Rank Date collected No Data 15-Jun-10 15,218,497 29-Jul-10 24,846,581 19-Nov-10 16,003,719 25-Nov-10

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