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Twitter follower information

Posted by Laura on Friday, 19 November, 2010

One of the things that I’m really interested in is the characteristics of Australian (and Kiwi to the extent that they intersect with Australia) sport fans. I spend a lot of time on Twitter because it is hard to get information off of other networks and those other networks tend to be fairly small. About a month ago, using my existing Australian sport Twitter list, I had a program go through and collect all the information it could about people who followed those accounts. One of the primary purposes was to bench mark this data and to be able to map where fans come from.

Doing this takes a while as my Twitter list is up to around 800 accounts. Twitter’s API allows for 150 calls an hour. (Then you have to wait before running it again.) I started it up last night and I’ve uploaded the accounts I had information for as of the time of writing this. This information can be found at Twitter Follower information (November 18).

This could be really useful for people who might want to compare statistics like average number of followers people have, (Can they read the message that athletes and sport organizations put out?) how often they update (Are they likely reading and might they ReTweet that content?) and where they are from.

Below is a partial list of accounts I have data for so far:

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