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ANZ Championship fandom location on LiveJournal, bebo and blogger

Posted by Laura on Thursday, 28 January, 2010

I’m playing with Microsoft MapPoint. It is pretty awesome, except for the fact that some smaller cities don’t register. Anyway, I finished compiling the location of all fans of ANZ Champship teams on bebo, blogger, LiveJournal and LiveJournal clones. Interest in this particular competition is small compared to the NRL, AFL and A-League. For a few people, fans didn’t list a city which makes getting an accurate idea of where fans are difficult. Two cities didn’t appear as they were really, really rural so they were excluded. I took this data and the output was the following map.

ANZ Championship

Overview map

Australia Test by City

Adelaide Thunderbirds
Melbourne Vixens
New South Wales Swifts (Sydney Swifts)
Northern Mystics
Southern Steel
Sydney Swifts

The map has that limited perspective because there were no Queensland based fans. That includes people who just listed state, not city. The same situation existed for Western Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and Northern Territory.

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Central Pulse on bebo

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

The Central Pulse are a New Zealand based team in the Australian/New Zealand based ANZ Championship, the premiere netball competition in both countries.  Because the presence of Australian teams, it is being covered by this blog.

There is a small community of people listing the team as an interest on bebo.  It consists of four people.  Of these four, all are from New Zealand and all are female.  These two are not surprising given that this a female athletic team and the team is based in New Zealand.

The average and mean age of the three fans listing their age is 21.6 and 21 respectively.  This sample of three is the largest of all the other teams looked at on social networks so far.  With samples of one, the New South Wales Swifts community on LiveJournal, and the Melbourne Phoenix on blogger are both older at 22 and 32.  With samples of one, Adelaide Thunderbirds on bebo, and New South Wales Swifts on bebo are younger at 18 and 20.

Considering the population size of Australia compared to New Zealand, the most surprising thing about this bebo data is that the community is so big at 4 compared to Australian teams with 1.

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