Australian Alexa Rank for Essendon Bomber official site and a fansite

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The graph below compares the historical Australian Alexa rank for the official Essendon site and an Essendon Bombers fansite.  It confirms the idea that their traffic peaks during the season and slowly increases during the preseason.


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  • Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont

    I see.

    A simple/straightforward graph.

    A long, long time for the Bombers in the wilderness, and then the peak for BomberBlitz in October.

    (If even a significant proportion of visitors are students, it can be particularly explained by “Swot Vac” and by training).

    And it does seem that there may have been a coach change: from Knights to Hird (did that happen in the period?)

    And the Blitz had another rankings peak at Christmas time.

  • LauraH

    Some one on Twitter was asking about the rank I had for Essendon on another day and how there appeared to be a big difference. Hence this graph. :) These things change. (You can easily see where I started getting daily data.)

    No clue what happened during those periods.

  • Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont

    No, I can’t.

    (August? December? When did you start getting daily data?)

    Hopefully it answered their question or gave them somewhere to look and think!

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