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Australian Sport Foursquare Data Visualized

Posted by on Monday, 7 February, 2011

One of the problems trying to visualize Foursquare data is if you have zero checkins for an event, it is the same as not having recorded any data for the event.  So you have a better idea of what is being visualized and what events are not included, the raw data set for events is available at .  (I had over 500 locations.  Of those, I think fewer than 150 had a checkin.) My location to latitude/longitude program wanted to put some Perth locations in the middle of Western Australia.  Whoops!  Foursquare checkins are grouped by sport.  Thus, the WNBL and NBL are grouped together, and the W-League and A-League are grouped together.  If I had more data points, this would probably be a bit more interesting.  Another thing to consider: Sometimes there are 3 different foursquare listings for the same location and each one gets treated differently.

I’m missing data between February 4 and February 7.  Luckily for today, I didn’t actually have any sport events.  We’ll see how this looks long term as more events get added, as cricket season ends and the AFL gets going.

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