Canberra Capitals game on December 19, 2010

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This isn’t really much of a post. I went to the game. It was a lot of good fun. Food options could have been a bit better and I would have liked a more affordable clothing option. (I’ll pay $30 for a t-shirt but the cheapest shirt was $50. That’s outside of my budget.) The team lost, which is sad. Still, I had a good time. Below are a few video clips I took during the game.

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  • Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont

    Enjoyed watching all three films (and the Roller Derby ones you uploaded at the same time).

    Who was the shooter/scorer in the first film clip?

    That manager-type with the tapping pen!

    What’s Townsville Fire like as a team? Attacking? Defensive?

    It was good to see some direction in the second clip when the players were called to the side.

    I remember Batkovic from the 2008 Olympics.

    Who among the players has a Facebook/Twitter?

  • LauraH

    Awful quality but on my iPhone. This was my first Capitals game. I don’t know any of the players on either teams so no idea who the players are. :/

    Townsville wanted to win. Apparently the father of one of the Capitals players passed away overnight. I think the Canberra Times was implying that why they didn’t play as aggressively. Some one I talked to said Townsville won because they wanted it more.

    I don’t think any of the Capitals players are on Twitter. (The team only got a website after a volunteer made one.) If players are on Facebook, it isn’t with an official fanpage; they would be personal pages and I don’t track those.

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