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Profile of Australian En-WP users

Posted by Laura on Thursday, 7 October, 2010

I’m pretty much done with Twitter.  By that I mean that I’ve compiled my list of Twitter accounts.  I’ve got a user geographic list.  Neither one is likely to be improved.  All I need to do now is run those accounts through my program, then count up where people are from, map that and write my dissertation chapter.  I intended to do that soon.  After I finish my Literature Review.

In the mean time, I’m playing with Wikipedia.  I’m interested to know who exactly is editing Australian sport articles.  I can do that some what easily with anon-IP address edits.  When it comes to logged in users, that’s a bit harder.  I need to be able to get information off contributor user pages to determine that.  I don’t know who edited what.  To make my life simpler, what I did was go category like Wikipedians by location, and put that information into an Excel spread sheet.  Various categories were combined.  (I don’t have all categories of Wikipedians by…  I have a random selection of larger categories.)

I’ve got some technical issues in combining rows on Excel.  (I don’t know how to do it.  I’m waiting for a friend to get on MSN so I can harass them to do that for me.)  Still, in the process of doing this…  I figured I would post what I had found so far.

I’ve identified 2,220 people who claim to live in Australia.  The tables below give an idea as to the current count of Australians that fall into these categories.  If you don’t see a category, don’t assume it means there are zero people in it.  It could mean that or it could mean I haven’t processed that row.  It could also mean that I didn’t include that category yet.  It could mean that a category for it doesn’t exist on Wikipedia.  (Example: I have yet to see a category for Aussie rules football fans.)

Another thing to bear in mind, this data is from userboxes.  A contributor has to put a userbox on their user page.  Not everyone does that.  Some people may put userboxes up for some categories like language but not others like alma mater or religion.

That said, findings so far:

Alma Mater Count
Australian National University 7
Australian National University; University of Western Australia 1
Avondale College, University of Newcastle 1
Charles Sturt University 1
Curtin University of Technology 3
Deakin University, La Trobe University 1
Flinders University 2
Macquarie University, University of New South Wales 1
Monash University 2
Monash University; University of New South Wales 1
Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2
University of Melbourne 4
University of New England 1
University of New South Wales 4
University of New South Wales; University of Canberra 1
University of Newcastle 1
University of Sydney 2
University of Technology, Sydney 1
University of Western Australia 1
University of Wollongong 1
Degree Count
BA degrees 6
BE degrees 3
BS degrees 7
BS degrees; PhD degrees 1
MS degrees 1
PhD degrees 2
Students Count
Wikipedian business students 1
Wikipedian college students 4
Wikipedian law students 2
Wikipedian medical students 1
Wikipedian university students 11
Wikipedian university students, Wikipedian college students 3
Website Count
Wikipedians who contribute to OpenStreetMap 1
Religion Count
Anglican and Episcopalian 3
Anglican and Episcopalian; Protestant 1
Atheist Wikipedians 16
Atheist Wikipedians, Antitheist Wikipedians 1
Atheist Wikipedians; Buddhist 1
Atheist Wikipedians; Objectivist Wikipedians 1
Buddhist 2
Christian Wikipedians 14
Christian Wikipedians; Presbyterian; Protestant 1
Protestant 1
Roman Catholic 4
Ethnicity and nationality Count
English; British 1
English 1
Skill Count
Wikipedian aircraft pilots, Wikipedian homebrewers 1
Wikipedian engineers 5
Wikipedian filmmakers 3
Wikipedian professional writers; Wikipedian filmmakers 1
Profession Count
Broadcasters 1
Composers 4
Composers; Wikipedian filmmakers 1
Teacher 1
Wikipedian aircraft pilots 1
Wikipedian engineers 5
Wikipedian filmmakers 2
Wikipedian filmmakers; Composers 1
Language Count
User ang; User ar 1
User ar 1
User bn; User bn-N 1
User cy 1
User da, User da-2 1
User da; User da-2 1
User el 2
User el; User el-1 1
User el; User el-1 1
Sport Count
Cross-country runners 1
Equestrians 1
Fencers 1
Hunters 1
Rugby league fans 15
Runners, Cross-country runners 1
Snowboarders 1
Swimmers 2
Swimmers; Dancers 1
Wikipedian geocachers, Equestrians 1
Wikipedians who scuba dive 1
Wikipedians who scuba dive, Hunters 1
WikiProject Tennis members 1
Wikipedia status Count
Administrator hopefuls 4
Administrators 5
Administrators, Administrators who will provide copies of deleted articles 1
Administrators, Opted out of automatic signing, Administrators who will provide copies of deleted articles 1
Administrators; Administrators who will provide copies of deleted articles 1
Administrators; Bureaucrats 1
Opted out of automatic signing 2
Reviewers 3
Rollbackers 5
Software Count
Gimp 3

So if you’re an Aussie Wikipedian, you likely went to ANU, have a BS, are a current university student, are an Atheist, of English descent, work as an engineer, speak Greek in addition to English, are a Rugby league fan, are a Wikipedia administrator and rollbacker and use IRC.

Need this complete to see how well this stands up.

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