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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-09

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 9 May, 2010
  • MCG is one checkin away from 1,000 on Foursquare: #
  • There seems to be very little published academic work with stats and Twitter. #
  • Most of the social media related research appears to be done by businesses, who publish various reports… #
  • Advice for Americans applying for a research degree in Australia : #
  • AFL teams appear to have really improved their Facebook pages, making them landing pages. using Facebook code. #
  • Two AFL teams appear to not have official Facebook pages: Swans, Lions. #
  • AFL fandom growth on Facebook: Which team is the winner? #
  • Facebook asking likes to be subscribed to has not resulted in AFL fanpage bump. #
  • Brightkite location list much harder to create. :( #
  • Um. Did Facebook turn off listings for members? #
  • I can no longer see all members. :( #
  • Or not. That list can still be partially retrieved from search: Just not from the fan page. #
  • The amount of people who have checked into ANU compared to UC is unbelievable… #
  • AFL website do not make buying tickets to a team's match easy or finding out where they play their games. :( #
  • More on AFL fans utilizing Foursquare: #
  • Today's plan involves writing a fair bit about the Melbourne Storm. Might see if this is publishable. Otherwise, to the blog… #
  • Since the Melbourne Storm controversy broke, average of 14.5 edits per day to the en-wp article about the team. Prior? .68 edits per day. #

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