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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-23

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 23 May, 2010
  • Apparently Google's API pulls up a totally different number of search results than a screen scrape does… #
  • Does anyone have a list of the World Cup venues on foursquare? #
  • I have updated the About page on Ozziesport: #
  • 20 pics from the AFL game in Canberra this past weekend: #
  • Online Activity in the Wake of the Melbourne Storm Controversy : #
  • Current activity: Identifying World Cup venues on foursquare and tagging "south africa 2010" and "world cup". Also creating list of those. #
  • Of the World Cup venues on foursquare, Cape Town Stadium has the most checkins with 30: #
  • 3 World Cup venues have 0 checkins (because I had to add them): #
  • The dislike of Jason Akermanis has begun: 118 fans already. #
  • Benchmarking: Jason Akermanis on Facebook and Google: #
  • Google, the Melbourne Demons, Port Adelaide Power and that game in Darwin… : #
  • The last bit of writing makes me leery of spending more time getting Google data. (But I will anyway. I'm masochistic.) #
  • At least 93 people checked into MCG for tonight's game between Geelong and the Pies. (mmm. Pie.) #
  • Did Facebook or the creator delete the fan page: Jason Akermanis: Homophobe and complete fuckwit! ? #
  • Are spectatorship and fandom similar? How connected are and should these comments be? #
  • For my birthday (or at least the day before), I think I shall see the Canberra Raiders. :) #
  • I should change my description to "Digital Demographer". Related: Not seeing methodology for that. :( #
  • Is comic book fandom and publisher loyalty inherited like sports fandom and team loyalties? #

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