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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-06

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 6 June, 2010
  • Version 3: Most popular Australian athlete and team related Twitter accounts by total followers: #
  • So I'm going down to Melbourne for a day or two in July. Anyone have sports contacts there I could meet up with? #
  • Facebook ad data suggests there are more lesbian Western Bulldog fans than gay Bulldogs fans (300 vs. 40). #
  • Since May 30, @GoldCoastFC have added 1,275 fans on Facebook. #
  • The Sun (UK) : The traffickers who exploit Africa’s soccer dream: #
  • Since May 18, traffic to the Melbourne Storm website has dropped like a rock… #
  • There have been 3,781 edits to WP's St Kilda Saints article: #
  • Met with two people at the Canberra United. Learned a lot will blog on it later. #
  • RT @ccAustralia: We've just released a draft of our Guide to Applying @CreativeCommons Licences to Government Material, #
  • How can I watch the US vs. Australia friendly? #
  • Issues with social media metrics: Twitter: #
  • Popular sport team and league sites in Australia: #
  • An interview with the CEO of the Canberra United : #
  • Trying to stay awake long enough to see the USMNT vs. Socceroos friendly. This is a challenge… #
  • Yay! That's the way we do it! :D USA – 1, Socceroos – 0. :D #friendly #
  • 3-1 USA and then game cuts out. :( #
  • I understand NRL less than AFL so live tweeting by me will be confused. Go raiders. #
  • 6 allin the Raidersgame. #
  • At half, raiders are beating titans! Yay! Go Canberra Raiders! #
  • How would you measure Israel Falou interest spike being from NRL or AFL? #

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