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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-06-20

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 20 June, 2010
  • Ouch. Germany scores vs. Socceroos… but was a beautiful goal. #worldcup #
  • As much as I'm cheering for the Aussies, got to admire how beautifully the Germans are playing. GER 2 – AUS 0 #worldcup #
  • World Cup, day 3: Foursquare checkin totals: #
  • three #worldcup games and no swarm badge on #foursquare . What does that say about those games? #
  • RT @zora_aisling Female volunteers living in Canberra requested for MA research in facial recognition. Enquiries to Kim: [email protected] #
  • Bringing American mustard to an Aussie barbecue in self defense. #
  • Anyone have a contact with the Western Bulldogs? Finished a paper about them that I'd love to talk to them about. #
  • What does it say about the Melbourne Storm that the Perth Glory, not currently playing, get more web traffic than they do? #
  • PHD comic: 'World Cup vs. PhD' : Ah ha ha! :D #
  • What match was played last night at the MCG? #
  • World Cup, day 4: Foursquare checkin totals: #worldcup #foursquare #sa2010 #
  • RT @Foot_Marketing A Women Social League in a Digital World – #
  • The Essendon Bombers have the most popular official club fan page on Facebook, with almost 13,000 more fans than #2 Adelaide Crows. #
  • World Cup, day 5: Foursquare checkin totals: #
  • Official AFL club Twitter accounts have less sponsor branding than their Facebook just in terms of background and logos… #
  • Social media research is creative research: Get what you think you need, fix that later, evaluate based on what you have. #
  • There is no getting wrong data. There is just learning what to get and to live with that. Or I realized I missed important Twitter data. #
  • Based on full team name, Adelaide Crows most popular AFL club for people uploading videos on YouTube. Magpies are number 2. #
  • Delaying putting out paper. Supervisor wants to do things to it. :) D: Scary. Doing stuff. #
  • World Cup, day 6: Foursquare checkin totals: #worldcup #wc2010 #
  • At some point, I will need to write a paper about the W-League. I love women's sport. :D #
  • Alternate World Cup Rankings by Floating Sheep: #
  • Alexa suggests Essendon has the most popular AFL club website, Collingwood #2 Swans #3 Hawks #4 Lions #5 Tigers #6 #
  • First game for South Africa? 335 people checked in on Foursquare. Game two? 36. Why are there fewer checkins for the second round? #
  • World Cup, day 7: Foursquare checkin totals : #
  • World Cup, day 7: Gowalla checkin totals : #
  • Things to do: Create a budget, write out what data I can produce, summarize Canberra Raiders social media community size. #
  • Other things to do: Work on lit review, summarize W-League Melbourne Victory community size, attend writing workshops. #
  • Is anyone blogging about geolocation and the World Cup? :( #worldcup #gowalla #geolocation #
  • World Cup, day 8: Foursquare and gowalla checkin totals : #
  • Size of socceroos community on bebo has had almost no growth since May 14, 2010. #
  • Blogger has had one erson add the Socceroos as an interest since May 14, 2010. #
  • Does anyone know what happened to Australia Athletics's @australianflame ? #
  • Got Foursquare/Gowalla date for WC. No swarm badges today. :/ Too lazy to post. #

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