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AFL sentiment by location: Where are fans the happiest and saddest?

Posted by Laura on Friday, 6 August, 2010

This is a follow up to AFL fan community sentiment: Are fans happy or sad? where I’ve mapped the location of Twitter followers using the data set referenced in the post. The methodology for data collection is outlined there. For tweets that were labeled both happy and sad, they were counted once for each emotion.

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Interesting to note: When viewing the whole of the country, Adelaide SA and Albury VIC are the places where happiness dominates more than other places. When zooming into more, Alberton SA, Dean VIC, Endeavor Hills VIC, Frankston South VIC, Sunshine Coast QLD are the happy places. Given the state of the AFL ladder, that Adelaide has more happy tweets than sad tweets is a bit surprising.

Any other observations? Do people trust sentiment analysis when it comes to sport? Is there a way that this could be refined to make it more trustworthy?

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