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Melbourne Storm followers on Twitter

Posted by Laura on Thursday, 26 August, 2010

Still refining the tool where I can get the location and other data from all the followers for accounts. We can’t quite figure out how to check the verified account fields yet. Some fields appear only in tweets but not on profiles. Line breaks in profile descriptions are occassionally causing issues. My if/then location field isn’t working right. (Apparently fuzzy logic may need to be applied to allow for that as “Melbourne” is not appending as “Melbourne, Victoria, Australia” for me.) I decided to look at the Melbourne Storm today because I thought it might be interesting.

The official account for the Melbourne Storm is MelbStormRLC. They have 1,757 and we got information from all the accounts following it. For the major categories involving numbers, I got the mean, median and mode:

ReTweets Followers Status Count Friends Listed
Mean 0.006254343 182.0159453 782.9430524 332.3933865 7.16543069
Median 0 33 49 114 0
Mode 0 1 0 1 0

The numbers are very, very low when compared to AFL based St. Kilda Saints. The Saints have around 140 people who have 10,000+ followers and 15 people with 100,000+ followers and that’s with only half their followers counted. In contrast, the Melbourne Storm have no one 10,000+ followers. They also have no one who follows that many people. On the opposite end of the ladder, there are 52 (or 2%) people who follow only the Storm or the Storm and one other person.

Overall these stats suggest that people who follow the Melbourne Storm are not particularly active on Twitter: They don’t follow that many people, they aren’t followed by people, they update infrequently and they don’t appear on many lists. What these stats don’t tell is how often these people check Twitter. Some people might check Twitter often but not update and follow many people. (Different people use Twitter differently. It would be really interesting to see a survey that asked people how often they check Twitter and why they check Twitter.)

Beyond that, 1,308 people have their timezone information available in their profiles. (It might actually be more and this could be a problem in our data collection… but let’s pretend that this is representative of the whole group despite evidence to support that.) The following is a count by timezone:

Time Zone Count Percent
Melbourne 583 44.6%
Sydney 254 19.4%
Hawaii 153 11.7%
Brisbane 128 9.8%
London 40 3.1%
Auckland 24 1.8%
Canberra 20 1.5%
Pacific Time (US & Canada) 17 1.3%
Perth 15 1.1%
Wellington 12 0.9%
Hobart 10 0.8%
Adelaide 8 0.6%
Quito 6 0.5%
Central Time (US & Canada) 5 0.4%
Eastern Time (US & Canada) 5 0.4%
Darwin 3 0.2%
Greenland 3 0.2%
Hong Kong 3 0.2%
Alaska 2 0.2%
Paris 2 0.2%
Rome 2 0.2%
Singapore 2 0.2%
Abu Dhabi 1 0.1%
Amsterdam 1 0.1%
Arizona 1 0.1%
Bangkok 1 0.1%
Caracas 1 0.1%
Edinburgh 1 0.1%
Guam 1 0.1%
Jakarta 1 0.1%
Jerusalem 1 0.1%
Lima 1 0.1%
Tehran 1 0.1%

Unsurprisingly, given that the team is based in Melbourne, that timezone is the most popular, accounting for 44% of the team’s followers. Sydney time, the area where NRL is dominant, accounts for 20%. I’m not certain how to explain the popularity of the Melbourne Storm in Hawaiian time. Brisbane makes sense as again, the area is an NRL stronghold.

In profile descriptions, 36 people mention the word Storm and 103 mention Melbourne. That seems like a fairly significant amount of people expressing team loyalty and seems comparable to the Saints.

Four people list a language code of ES and three people list FR. That’s less diversity than St. Kilda in terms of language. Still, the French ones seem more explainable than the ones for St. Kilda because rugby is played in France and players sometimes go there to play for French teams. It can help to develop an audience in Australia for the team.

The Melbourne Storm don’t have as many followers as the more popular AFL teams but they do have more followers than the Canberra Raiders. The controversy early in the season helped to boost their numbers and they’ve been much more interactive of late. … Or at least, they’ve relied less on TwitterFeed for content. That was a huge problem early on in the season. Beyond that, these numbers look realistic: They appear to be getting an audience of Melbourne based and Australian NRL fans following them. Most of the people following them update occassionally and have few enough followers that they will see the content that the Storm update with. That’s probably the ideal that people should be aiming for. Yeah, people with 100,000 followers are awesome, especially if you can get a ReTweet but they’ll never see your tweet and in the case of St. Kilda, a lot of those people with massive follower counts are just not in their ideal demographic.

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Richmond Tigers followers on Twitter

Posted by Laura on Thursday, 26 August, 2010

This is part of that series I’m doing on Twitter follower stats as a tool that a friend is developing gets refined. While we captured everything for the Storm, this only capture 1,099. We’re again missing quite a few and I’m not entirely certain what is up. (An earlier iteration with more fields picked up more. It just had other issues. I’m using the more recent iteration .) Richmond can be found at Richmond_FC on Twitter. They have 2,894 followers. That’s about 2/3rds the amount that St. Kilda has. (The big difference between the two is that St. Kilda appears to have an active follow pattern that Richmond does not have.)

Basic math out of the way, the following are the numbers for Richmond followers based on that sample of 1,099 followers:

Math ReTweets Followers Status Count Friends Listed
Mean 0.005 661.65 612.80 493.610 17.67
Median 0 20 24 77.5 0
Mode 0 0 0 1 0

These numbers are a lot higher than the Melbourne Storm, though not as high as St. Kilda. They average 479 more followers, 161 more friends and on average are included on 10 more lists. The big difference is that Richmond Tiger fans appear to update a lot less than Storm followers with an average of 170 less status dates and a median of 25 less status updates.

The Richmond Tigers only really have two power users with more than 10,000 plus followers. They are: michaelyardney and HootSuite. Both are also the only two people who follow more than 10,000+ people on Twitter. (Remember: This sample is less than half the complete set. There may be more.) On the other side, there are 53 people who follow only the Tigers or the Tigers and one other account.

670 people appear on zero lists. 116 people appear on one list. At the high end, ignoring HootSuite, fourteen accounts are listed on 100+ lists and four accounts that follow Richmond are listed on 200+ lists. The 100+ list accounts are: heraldsunscoop, NovaFM, PAFC, Geelong_FC, outfandishfans, superfooty, stkildafc, ryanknapp, SportsGeekHQ, haydencooper, michaelyardney, Adelaide_FC, Collingwood_FC, sammutimer . A lot of these are AFL related. (AFL clubs and media follow each other.)

156 people have never updated their Twitter account. That represents 14% of all Richmond followers. 443 people have updated 10 or less times. That represents 40% of all Richmond followers. That is a huge number of people who are just not updating frequently. It may suggest that people joined Twitter, followed their favorite team and then never bother to check again. (Or again, it may not. Some people may check Twitter with out updating. I know a few cases.) 8 of Richmond’s followers have updated their status 10,000+ times. These really active followers are: THETUBEtv, FtLauderDaniel, D3wizl, _Jessica_Maree, asmtegan, dottedwithearts, aflfeeds, dzufauzan. (In that select group of 10,000+ super updaters, they average 624 followers and 745 people they follow.)

Beyond these basic numbers, 720 people have visible time zones. Over half of these followers are in Melbourne time:

Time Zone Count Percent
Melbourne 372 51.74%
Hawaii 83 11.54%
Sydney 61 8.48%
Adelaide 41 5.70%
Brisbane 36 5.01%
Perth 29 4.03%
Eastern Time (US & Canada) 20 2.78%
London 13 1.81%
Hobart 9 1.25%
Pacific Time (US & Canada) 9 1.25%
Central Time (US & Canada) 8 1.11%
Alaska 7 0.97%
Canberra 7 0.97%
Darwin 3 0.42%
Mountain Time (US & Canada) 3 0.42%
Quito 3 0.42%
Tokyo 2 0.28%
Amsterdam 1 0.14%
Athens 1 0.14%
Berlin 1 0.14%
Bucharest 1 0.14%
Buenos Aires 1 0.14%
Greenland 1 0.14%
Hong Kong 1 0.14%
Jakarta 1 0.14%
Magadan 1 0.14%
Monterrey 1 0.14%
Osaka 1 0.14%
Singapore 1 0.14%
Tehran 1 0.14%

I still need an explanation as to why there are so many people in Hawaii who follow Australian sport teams…  (Turns out a lot of Melbourne people are listing their timezone as Hawaiian…) Sydney appears third, Adelaide 4th, Brisbane 5th, and Perth 6th. This seems to match a bit with my understanding of the popularity of the AFL around Australia.

As for languages, 1 for DE, 2 for ES, 1 for FR (who lists his timezone as Greenland) and 1 for JA. This reflects a little less diversity than the Storm and the Saints. It may possibly suggest that the Tigers are less prone to getting spam followers than the other teams if one assumes that non-English language codes imply spam followers.

Either way, the Tigers seem much closer to the Storm than the Saints in terms of follower patterns. The big issue for me as some one looking at it for the good of the team is that they appear to have a really high inactive base that may suggest people aren’t continuing to read their message.

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#AFL hashtag stats: Posting client

Posted by Laura on Thursday, 26 August, 2010

I’ve been using TwapperKeeper to get information on all tweets tagged #afl as of August 24. (Twapper pulled all tweets from August 21 to the present.) There are about 2,200 total.

One stat that interested me is posting client. What client are people using to post about the #afl? I’ll give you a clue to the most popular: It is an automated one that involves no human posting.

SOURCE Count Percentage rel=nofollow: twitterfeed 361 16% rel=nofollow: API 311 14% web 250 11%
twitterfeed 197 9% rel=nofollow: HootSuite 189 9%
web 124 6%
HootSuite 115 5% rel=nofollow: TweetDeck 84 4% rel=nofollow: 61 3%
API 60 3%
TweetDeck 58 3% rel=nofollow: Twitter for iPhone 42 2% rel=nofollow: Echofon 36 2% rel=nofollow: Twitter for BlackBerry® 35 2%
Twibbon 33 1% 24 1% rel=nofollow: Twitterrific 23 1% rel=nofollow: Mobile Web 19 1% rel=nofollow: Chromed Bird 17 1%
Echofon 14 1% rel=nofollow: TweetDeck 13 1%
Twitter for iPhone 12 1%
bitly 10 0% rel=nofollow: ÜberTwitter 10 0%
Twitterrific 9 0%
Twitter for BlackBerry® 8 0% rel=nofollow: Twitter for iPhone 7 0%
mobile web 5 0%
Chromed Bird 4 0% rel=nofollow: UberTwitter 4 0%
ÜberTwitter 4 0%
/devices rel=nofollow: txt 3 0% rel=nofollow: CoTweet 3 0% rel=nofollow: TweetCaster 3 0% rel=nofollow: Tweetie for Mac 3 0% rel=nofollow: Live Australian Rules Football Chat 3 0%
Tweetie for Mac 3 0%
Brizzly 2 0% rel=nofollow: Tribe 2 0% rel=nofollow: Tweet Button 2 0% rel=nofollow: Tweets60 2 0% rel=nofollow: Seesmic twhirl 2 0% rel=nofollow: tGadget 2 0%
LinkedIn 2 0%
Posterous 2 0%
Seesmic Web 2 0%
TwitBird 2 0%
Twittelator 2 0%
Facebook 1 0% rel=nofollow: Flickr 1 0% rel=nofollow: foursquare 1 0% rel=nofollow: Gravity 1 0% rel=nofollow: 1 0% rel=nofollow: Seesmic Web 1 0% rel=nofollow: Seesmic Desktop 1 0% rel=nofollow: Seesmic for iPhone 1 0% rel=nofollow: Twittelator 1 0% rel=nofollow: Twitpic 1 0% rel=nofollow: TwitBird 1 0% rel=nofollow: Qwitter Client 1 0% rel=nofollow: Twittelator 1 0% rel=nofollow: Gwibber 1 0%
Mobile Tweete 1 0% 1 0%
Seesmic Desktop 1 0%
TweetCaster 1 0%
TweetMeme 1 0%
twidroid 1 0%
Twitpic 1 0%
Twitscoop 1 0%

Who is the most guilty of posting automated Twitterfeed content?

AFL_Tagger 193
AFL_News 49
AFLNewsInsider 37
EssendonFC_News 17
contestedfooty 11
NABCup 9
Your_SC_Coach 9
yellow_n_black 7
footywa 3
Sydney_Rules 3
Kick2Kick 2
KieranJones7 2
AFLBrisbaneFC 1
aussieruleslive 1
CF_Demons 1
iam_msu 1
MervinsNo1Fan 1
neuemodetrends 1
TimAlexander198 1

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