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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-12

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 12 September, 2010
  • Twitter: @NRL followers vs. @AFL followers: #
  • I just became the mayor of UCNISS on @foursquare! #
  • Confusing world of Aussie sport merchandise: yes to Duke, no to Canberra Raiders… #
  • Twitter: @NRL followers vs. @AFL followers : #
  • I'm in sport studies. Some one must be able to inflate a football. Will find out tomorrow. #
  • I'm in sport studies. Some one must be able to inflate a football. Will find out tomorrow. #
  • Another spam follower: @interloperinc . When following 42000, you don't need to follow more. #
  • Uni. Aus. guy on ABC24: Saying Aussie unis rock because international students pay lots of revenues? It makes Aussie unis seem SUCK. #
  • Uni. Aus. guy on ABC24: International students should not be seen as commodity. Misplaced goals: WE WANTS MONEY is not YAY! EDUCATION! #
  • I love @TimBull. :D Very helpful with Twitter stuff. :D Highly recommend his site: #
  • It does not sound right when an Aussie imitates a Canadian by saying "Aye." #
  • Productive day: wrote 800 words on my dissertation. Good times. #
  • I have more free time in SFO than I thought. Win! :D #
  • I meant to do writing today. It just didn't happen. #
  • The Top News Story on WIN Canberra? A warning that magpie swooping season has begun. Oh Canberra… I don't know what to say. #
  • I think I am going through sport culture shock. It would explain my current attitude problems… #
  • Sport culture shock: America vs. Australia : #
  • The trick in life is to turn existential angst over social media into something productive. Like getting closer to your dream job. #
  • Support #teamgws in Canberra: #
  • Canberra people: What is the easiest non-car way to get from Gungahlin to Wanniassa? Bike says 30km each way and eek! #
  • RT @ someone "Researching IT in Education: Theory, Practice and Future Directions" #
  • Who is more sport mad (re: professional sport)? Americans or Aussies? Methodology question : #
  • Rugby Union in the ACT. #
  • More… #
  • Open later on Saturday than Krispy Kreme. Need hot chocolate. (@ Gloria Jeans @ Borders) #
  • It only took 45 minutes but a family member can now update Facebook from their mobile. Yay! :D #
  • Is it bad to support the All Blacks because I know it will tweak some Australians? (Hint: Some one get me a shirt.) #
  • Saw a dissertation on library website case study with 250 pages of Appendices. It gives me much hope. :D #

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