Most popular Australian (and New Zealand) netball related Twitter accounts (January 20)

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The following is a list of the most popular Australian and New Zealand related Twitter accounts. The list also includes world related accounts. If anyone is missing, please comment to let me know. I spent about a half hour searching for accounts I was missing today and this may not be as comprehensive as I thought.  If any of my league, teams and description labels are off or are not as accurate as they could be, please comment to let me know.

Any surprises in terms of ranking on this list?

Account League Team Description Followers Statuses Listed Friends
SharelleVixens ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens player (female) 2046 482 71 58
MelbourneVixens ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens official team (female) 1837 1110 72 24
NetballAust Netball Australia Netball Australia (female) 1402 647 59 139
AussieDiamonds Netball Australia Australian Diamonds national team (female) 1197 893 54 97
JulieCorletto ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens Julie Corletto (female) 1062 589 31 158
biancachatfield ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens player (Bianca Chatfield) (female) 1002 810 41 134
Renaehallinan ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens player (female) (Renae Hallinan) 955 651 38 76
laurafirebirds ANZ Championship Queensland Firebirds player (female) 871 43 40 11
NatTbirds ANZ Championship Adelaide Thunderbirds (female) 821 67 43 34
SusanSwifts ANZ Championship New South Wales Swifts player (female) 748 649 39 39
bcarbonaro85 ANZ Championship ANZ Championship journalist (male) 659 6040 27 1424
netballnz Netball New Zealand Netball New Zealand unofficial (female) 611 263 36 13
NetballOnline Netball Australia Netball Australia fansite (female) 564 4548 19 211
anznetballchamp ANZ Championship ANZ Championship league (female) 557 439 24 48
madibrowne ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens player (Madison Browne) (female) 547 256 22 27
Kimmygee8 Netball Australia Australian Diamonds player (female) 541 671 26 60
KateBevNetball ANZ Championship Adelaide Thunderbirds player (Kate Beveridge) (female) 522 378 23 28
SarahLWall ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens player (Sarah L Wall) (female athlete) 510 393 20 102
netballvic Netball Victoria Netball Victoria (female) 507 40 30 622
netballmag ANZ Championship Netball Magazine independent magazine (female) 464 98 13 603
SusanWCFever ANZ Championship West Coast Fever player (female) 398 118 25 22
nswswifts ANZ Championship New South Wales Swifts official team (female) 396 5 31 8
AdelaideTBirds ANZ Championship Adelaide Thunderbirds official team (female) 376 282 24 0
TheFirebirds ANZ Championship Adelaide Thunderbirds team (female) 364 110 20 52
CathCoxy ANZ Championship New South Wales Swifts (female) 331 106 11 25
MyNetballNZ Netball New Zealand Netball New Zealand (female) 311 661 18 82
ceonetballvic Netball Australia Netball Victoria ceo of Netball Victoria 199 69 9 67
WestCoastFever ANZ Championship West Coast Fever Official Club (female) 142 1 10 2
northernmystics ANZ Championship Northern Mystics official team (female) 141 375 9 1
WNC2011 World Netball Championships World Netball Championships official (female) 139 422 9 49
ANZnetball ANZ Championship ANZ Championship league (female) 128 11 5 34
Sydney_Netball Netball New South Wales Netball New South Wales Organization (female) 104 186 6 63
netballnerd Netball New Zealand Netball New Zealand fansite (female) 103 92 6 14
CorlettoSports Netball Australia Netball School Holiday Clinics Netball School Holiday Clinics 94 161 3 61
kimmysmiff ANZ Championship New South Wales Swifts (female) 63 2 11 28
PetershamNetbal Netball New South Wales Petersham RUFC Netball Club (female) 54 9 8 13
ACENetball Brisbane Netball Association ACE Netball Club official 52 28 5 4
NetballSA Netball Australia Netball South Australia state organization (female) 52 24 5 1
Jasmine_Keene ANZ Championship Adelaide Thunderbirds (female) 51 258 6 70
Orcas_Netball Plenty Valley Netball Association Orcas Netball 49 54 8 2
WildcatsNetball Netball South Australia WildcatsNetball Official Club (female) 41 2 4 11
NetFest2011 Netball Australia Netball Australia 39 16 1 34
KaroriNetball Netball Wellington Karori Netball Official Club (female) 38 70 6 2
MensNetballVic Men’s Netball Vic Men’s Netball Vic league (male) 35 35 3 27
netballwgtn Netball New Zealand Netball Wellington (female) 32 11 1 10
MDNAnetball Netball Queensland Brisbane Netball (female) 28 8 2 15
westernjets Netball SA Premier Western Jets team (female) 28 16 2 0
hillswarriors Netball Western Australia Warriors Netball Official Club (female) 27 13 1 4
woopinetball Netball New South Wales Woopi Netball Official Club (female) 26 103 2 0
winmaleenetball Netball New South Wales Winmalee Netball Official Club (female) 23 1 1 3
SharksNetball Netball Queensland Sharks NetBall Official Club (female) 22 0 1 0
comeonvipers Netball Victoria Vipers Netball Team Club (female) 20 3 1 0
AmazonsNC Netball Queensland Amazons Netball Club Club (female) 18 8 1 11
North_Paws Netball New South Wales North Paws Netball Club (female) 11 7 2 0
cswnanetball Netball New South Wales Cranbourne South West Netball Association (female) 8 3 0 40
mascotnetball Netball New South Wales Mascot Netball Club Club (female) 1 4 1 0

Edited to add:
I’ve added bendunn43, NetballCoach, and BallsNGiggles to my list for future monitoring.

If there are any additional accounts I’m missing, let me know. Any accounts added will appear on versions of most popular women’s list and most popular AU/NZ sport general list.

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  • Alexs

    NetballNZ is not Netball New Zealand’s offical Tweeter – MyNetballNZ is

  • LauraH

    Fixed up the label. :)

  • Netballmag

    netballmag is an independent publication for Australian and New Zealand Audiences primarily, we are not currently a member of any association. Thanks for the list.

  • LauraH

    Sort of fixed by changing the team label. I need some league label to make it findable on my list for sorting purposes. :)

  • Kelly West

    Loads of omissions in this list. They are all official related – how about some listings of regular people, players, coaches and umpires? They aren’t hard to find!

  • LauraH

    Define hard to find. :)

    Regular fans I’ve tried to avoid including on my most popular lists just because it is harder to say why people may follow those people, hard to attribute the motives of following because their followers were interested in their sport related content. It is much easier to make that assumption when it comes to more visible players, club, league, federations and national team accounts.

    I’ve had a hard time finding coaches, umpires and players outside the list there. I’ve mostly been finding accounts by checking to see which lists some one on that list appears in, then checking those lists to see who I am missing.

    If you have any suggestions for who I am missing or any lists to get me started, I’d be happy to do that. I’m just not a huge netball fan (American, in Canberra) and I’m at a real loss sometimes where to begin in this area.

  • Netballmag

    Thanks, I would lable ANZ Champs as it covers both Aus and NZ for the League. (your list though so your say on how you manage it)

  • LauraH

    Fixed to say ANZ Championship. :) I’ve had similar labeling problems with other sports like surfing. :/

  • Netballmag

    Thanks for that, not easy keeping a list up to date, how often will you publish this one?

  • LauraH

    If you’re interested in this list, I can try to post it on a regular basis. Normally, my netball related information tends to get buried in this list, which I post once every two weeks or so. I’ve just been a bit lax in doing that.

  • Netballmag

    Thanks, what tags on twitter do you use when this list is posted so I can add to my search list.

  • LauraH

    The women’s list? I probably use #anzchampionship, #wleague, #wnbl .

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