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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-04

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 4 July, 2010
  • Going to scale back what I'm doing with Foursquare. Too much work, to hard to process. Sticking just with the AFL. #
  • Problematic gathering of Foursquare data : #
  • #worldcup So far in round of 16? Only one game has earned a swarm badge: #mex vs. #arg #
  • No swarm badge on #foursquare for either game at today's #worldcup . Explanations? #
  • Since June 3, only one A-League team has seen a rise in Alexa rank in Australia: Sydney FC. #
  • I'm being marvelously unproductive today. Go me! (Productive behavior of attending 3MT session coming soon.) #
  • RT @_SportsGeek_: 30 sports blogs you should be reading #
  • Doing a PhD is oh hi! Stressful but good direction helps. Will stressoreafter Maccas. #
  • Canberra Raiders ( @RaidersCanberra ) data : #
  • Today, doing data gathering about the Melbourne Victory. Then thinking about social media analysis methodologies. #
  • Slow internet interfering with my productivity. :( #
  • Up to Gaia Online in the alphabet of data compiling, synopsis writing of social networks for Melbourne Victory. Progress made so lunch time! #
  • Country Link called to confirm my leave time. Going to Melbourne no problem. Time was off coming back. Good to get that sorted. #
  • Only work I have left on one bit of data collecting involves Wikipedia. Yay! :) Will take 2 to 3 hours tomorrow then kicking it for the day #
  • Friendster's search leaves something to be desired. I can't find much of anything on it. :( #
  • Should companies try to be checking in at events/venues on Foursquare to drive traffic? @cocacolalatam did. Thoughts? #
  • World Cup, end of the second round: Foursquare and gowalla checkin totals : #
  • Traffic to W-League Related Wikipedia Articles by Date : #
  • #foursquare checkins for #worldcup venues goofy today. Some places lost a lot of checkins. Confused. #
  • If you're going to take a red card for a hand ball, that was where to take it… #worldcup #
  • 675 #foursquare checkins to #gha vs #uru match. Smashes the #southafrica record of 335 checkins. #
  • Another person checked in: 5 checkins to #gha vs #uru during penalty time. #
  • World Cup, halfway through third round: Foursquare and gowalla checkin totals : #
  • Both #worldcup matches today earned swarm badges. Still did little to help #par on the rankings chart. #
  • Types of social media research : #
  • Done with this train stuff… Or I wanna get there now! Two more hors to go… #
  • Arrived in Melbourne! Yay! Waiting for tram to St Kilda. #

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Types of social media research

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 4 July, 2010

This is more of a thinking out loud so I can delve into it later. One of the things I’ve been curious about is the type of social media research conducted by academics and marketers. The types that I can think of are:

1) Case studies for how a business uses social media and the web,
2) Content studies that look at social media research and website design of a small basket of companies,
3) Sentiment analysis and keyword mentions,
4) Relationship analysis to try to determine how people interact and to identify key influencers,
5) Population studies.

Any more that people can think of? Is there any method superior to another? Should social media researchers be valuing any over the other? Which methods are more popular and why?

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