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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 18 July, 2010
  • Digital Sport Summit: Nick Marvin, Alana Fisher, Panel Discussion : #dss10 #
  • Digital Sport Summit: Harry O’Brien: #dss10 #
  • Social Media Middlemen: The Missing Link Between Brands and Consumers: Great read. Written by Dachis Group. #
  • Why does rank on Alexa in India but not rank in Australia? :/ #gws #
  • Ooooh! An excuse not to work on my methodology section. #
  • Or yay! Let's celebrate being off task! (or rather, on task on something not involving writing my thesis.) #
  • I need to stop sending e-mails from one account and then sending replies from another. #
  • Methodology: Draft/Free writing (part 1): #
  • I cannot get ACT 4 GWS to show up on a Facebook search… This is weird. #gws #
  • A map of Team GWS on Facebook: #teamgws #afl #
  • Fun to read about other people's experiences with culture shock and Ikea shopping abroad: #
  • In the process of putting together a map of where #teamgws fans on Twitter are from, & it isn't Greater Western Sydney. #
  • #ucniss #ucvuvu no wireless signal. Ustream coverage up by the end of the day. #worldcup #
  • Twitter and Facebook have different geographic audiences for Team GWS: begins to give an idea of where. #
  • is an awesome Twitter tool. Not a complete data set but easier to get location out of it than other methods. #
  • Do people respect the @westernbulldogs more for being willing to lose by not allowing Jason Akermanis to play? #
  • I like to spend 2 to 3 days putting a packet together before speaking to a team. Spent less than 1 for team meeting with today. Embarrassed #
  • So many things to do but I really want to create a map of tweet locations for AFL teams: Where do people live that mention specific teams? #
  • An hour talking to the AFL people in Canberra! Loads of fun. :) live talking sport and social media. #
  • Tomorrow, when not doing @rccamp organzing, doing that AFL Tweet reference geo map because now I wants to know. To know a lot. Cause data! #
  • It looks like Argentinians tweeted more about that Boca Juniors game vs. Melbourne Victory than Australians. #
  • So any Aussies have polis come to your door yet? Green party rep dropped by during the St. Kilda match. #
  • AFL team related Tweets by location: #gosaints #geelongcats #melbournedemons #afc #brisbanelions #carlton #

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