Evidence of growth of a fandom: Gold Coast Suns on ebay.com.au

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The Gold Coast Suns announced their team name in 2010.  They will play in the AFL this year for the first time.  It is interesting to try to watch the growth of the fan community and interest around the club.  Recently, I’ve been getting some data from ebay.com.au as I’m curious about patterns for listing items about sport around events that take place in the community.  I believe I referenced some of this data in my St Kilda nude photo scandal chapter.

I was looking through some of this data and found what appears to be an interesting pattern for the Gold Coast Suns on ebay.com.au, for the search term Gold Coast Suns.

If you ignore the fourth of January, which is still part of the holiday season in Australia, the total number of items for the teach has increased over time.   It looks like there appears to be more materials available to list, possibly people who think that more people are interested in buying Gold Coast Suns related items, etc.  It suggests that the team’s fan base is gearing up in preparation for the season and probably suggests good things for the team.

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  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ANYPWFYQMNG7NRB55Q7C3PR6C4 Adelaide La Blanche-Dupont

    (Yes, you did cover the EBay information.

    Another really great site that Australians tend to use for their online auctioning is OzTion).

    A member of my family is interested in knitting a red jumper for a garden gnome.

    See if there are any Gary Ablett products…

    And the final figure is 115? (that’s the 15th February figure).

    It would be great to see percentage bought and price and number of bids as well. Those are exciting metrics.

  • http://www.fanhistory.com LauraH

    Other metrics would be great to see but they aren’t as easy to get. At the moment, I’m trying to get what I can easily get because I already have too much data to process. :/

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    Coach Guy McKenna is yet to play his strongest 22 with injuries to skipper Gary Ablett and former Lion Jared Brennan, both of whom won’t play on Sunday.