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Paralympic sport in online Australia

Posted by Laura on Saturday, 5 March, 2011

This post was made using some of my existing data and data that I’ve gathered tonight in order to give a bit of perspective to the interest level in paralympic sport online in Australia. I have Alexa data but, unlike Facebook and Twitter, I have a lot of it. I’ll put this into a separate post tomorrow morning. I don’t have Foursquare data sadly as I don’t have an events list that includes paralympic events. I also don’t have data.


I’ve never really looked at Facebook and Australian sport before but I added Australian Paralympic Team to my list for future monitoring. It currently has 480 people who are fans of it. To put this into perspective, of the official Facebook accounts I follow, the Paralympic Team is close to the Cairns Taipans, an NBL team, who have 470 fans and the Sydney Bears, an AIHL team, with 503 fans.

Facebook provides some public data about total numbers of people who list certain interests on their advertising page. I got this information on March 5, 2011. It says that 320 Australians list the Paralympic Games as an interest. Of these, 60 are men and 260 are female. Fewer than 20 are in high school, fewer than 20 are in university and 60 are university grads.


On Twitter, I’ve been tracking only one account that I’ve identified with the Australian paralympics. That account is AUSParalympics. My bot that gets daily information about the total number of followers for an account stopped working on February 26 and I’ve yet to get it restarted. The chart below gives an idea as to the total number of followers, friends, updates and lists that AUSParalympics has had over time.

AUSParalympics growth of friends, followers, lists, status updates on Twitter with big increases around January 8, 2011

The account saw a significant increase in the total number of followers on 8 January 2011.

On 14 October 2010 and 20 December 2010, the follower information was attained for the AUSParalympics account. The list below gives an idea of their total followers by city on those two dates.

City State Country 14-Oct-10 20-Dec-10
Sydney New South Wales Australia 24 30
Melbourne Victoria Australia 14 19
London England United Kingdom 6 6
Canberra Australian Capital Territory Australia 3 5
Brisbane Queensland Australia 3 4
Whistler British Columbia Canada 0 4
Vancouver British Columbia Canada 1 3
Adelaide South Australia Australia 1 2
Gold Coast Queensland Australia 2 2
Newcastle New South Wales Australia 2 2
Wollongong New South Wales Australia 3 2
Austin Texas United States 1 1
Bangalore India 1 1
Bangkok Thailand 1 1
Bendigo Victoria Australia 0 1
Berlin Germany 1 1
Brighton Victoria Australia 1 1
Campbelltown New South Wales Australia 1 1
Cape Town South Africa 0 1
Charlotte North Carolina United States 0 1
Christchurch Canterbury New Zealand 1 1
Dublin Dublin Ireland 0 1
Long Island New York United States 1 1
Los Angeles California United States 0 1
Manchester England United Kingdom 1 1
Manly New South Wales Australia 1 1
New York City New York United States 0 1
Nottingham England United Kingdom 1 1
Ottawa Ontario Canada 1 1
Paris France 0 1
Queanbeyan New South Wales Australia 0 1
Seattle Washington United States 1 1
Vienna Austria 1 1
Washington D.C. United States 1 1
Wellington Wellington New Zealand 0 1
Cornwall Tasmania Australia 1 0
Denver Colorado United States 1 0
Docklands Victoria Australia 1 0
Gosford New South Wales Australia 1 0
Maroochydore Queensland Australia 1 0
Mexico City Mexico 1 0
New Delhi India 1 0
Redfern New South Wales Australia 1 0
Sheffield Tasmania Australia 1 0
Tokyo Japan 1 0
Wantirna South Victoria Australia 1 0

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