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Data accuracy

Posted by Laura on Monday, 25 January, 2010

While I try to be accurate with this data, there are times when trying to guess a person’s location based on only the city they list that I may guess wrong or wrongly identify the state a city is in.  I’ve found this happened with the Brisbane Broncos, where I wrongly labeled two people from Sydney as being in Victoria.  In another case for the Canberra Raiders, a township inside the ACT and one of the bigger cities share the same name.  I originally had it labeled as the city in New Zealand.  I went back, re-evaluated it and determined that this person was likely from the ACT Township.  When these issues are discovered, I update the data set but not necessarily the post.

I’d advise you check the original source if this data is crucial to anything you’re doing.  For me, this data set is pretty much just being built and I’m trying to gather it all, doing some preliminary totals and check it for errors as I work on compiling it. I’m also using it to learn more about Australian sport.  It isn’t near being finished…  Take some of this with a grain of salt.

If you want the raw data as I have it, please contact me.

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Welcome to Ozzie Sport

Posted by Laura on Tuesday, 5 January, 2010

Ozzie Sport is a blog by Laura Hale that is dedicated to looking at Ozzie Sports culture online.  Laura can be contacted at laura[at]fanhistory[.]com.

The first posts to this blog were originally posted on Fan History’s blog.  There are a few conversations there that are worth checking out.  The intention of moving these entries to their own blog is to expand upon that content in a more focused manner.  There are likely to be a fair number of links to Fan History in the posts as a result.

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