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Perth Glory on LiveJournal

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 14 February, 2010

Perth Glory are an A-League team from Western Australia.  The name is also shared with the W-League team, an affiliate team for the professional women’s team.   There are thirteen people who list the team as an interest. Unlike the Adelaide United, there is a bit less localization of the fanbase: Four are not from Western Australia.  (One does not list a country of residence.)  Two are from New South Wales, one is from Victoria and one is from the United States.  There is also a bit less range in ages of fans compared to Adelaide United fans on LiveJournal.  Of the three who list their year of birth, all list 1987.  Despite the lack of range, the average age is still comparable: 1987.3 versus 1987.  The blogger community on Perth Glory is older by about three years than the LiveJournal community at 26.5.

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