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Twitter Updates for 2010-03-25

Posted by Laura on Thursday, 25 March, 2010
  • The AFL on Facebook, or which team has the biggest fanbase there: #
  • Problem with looking for info? Using city/mascot. Makes results not always best. #
  • Updated to fix for my counting error. #

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AFL on Facebook

Posted by Laura on Thursday, 25 March, 2010

What’s the most popular AFL team on Facebook?  That really does depend on how you measure it.

The following table has a column for total people listing a team as an interest, total number of members of the largest fan page dedicated to a team, total number of fans of the largest page dedicated to a team and the grand total.  This information was collected in the past three days.

AFL on Facebook

Team Interest Page Group Total
Collingwood Magpies 59800 80 7969 67849
West Coast Eagles 26020 33501 5094 64615
Carlton Blues 58120 317 1626 60063
Adelaide Crows 50020 1579 5827 57426
Fremantle Dockers 43660 96 3625 47381
Sydney Swans 21260 18094 4737 44091
Hawthorn Hawks 21220 2602 6595 30417
Essendon Bombers 27920 248 1989 30157
Richmond Tigers 13960 11727 2782 28469
Geelong Cats 15760 5092 3976 24828
Brisbane Lions 10940 10556 2302 23798
St. Kilda Saints 15480 317 4281 20078
Port Adelaide Power 6100 9766 3157 19023
North Melbourne Kangaroos 9120 4314 2420 15854
Western Bulldogs 2740 4745 7295 14780
Melbourne Demons 5940 4057 4003 14000
Gold Coast Football Club 1200 1720 66 2986

And then I completed this and realized the biggest fan pages I had?  They weren’t the official ones.   Time to get the official ones, where the total fans are much bigger, and then update.

Green: Indicates official Facebook fanpage has the most fans.
Blue: Indicates a page not linked on the official page has the most fans.
Red: Indicates an official Facebook fanpage was not found to be linked to on the Club’s official site.
Black: AFL does not link to an official page for the team.

Fixed. As an American, I’m used to professional team names being City Mascot. When I search, this tends to be my default mode of searching. It can screw up results and I have to remember to search all variations to make sure this doesn’t happen. When I was just looking for biggest, I didn’t. Woe. But anyway, these results should hopefully be a bit more accurate. I went to every team’s official site that was linked on the AFL’s site. On the official site, I looked for their official Facebook fanpage accounts. Then I took that information and added it to the above table to get a more accurate picture. If an unofficial fanpage had more fans than the official one? I left the unofficial one. I’ve color coded that chart to make easy to see where I did that.

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