A social media/web snapshot of Collingwood, Hawthorn and Port Adelaide

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Last week, I asked my Twitter followers if there was any team that anyone might data about. I said I’d pretty much be happy to dump as much of the data I have regarding those teams (or athletes) into a document that might provide some interesting insights into the teams. Even if not, it would offer benchmarks for further study. A lot of what I have is random and really depends on what sites I’m looking at, how often I update, how motivated I am get additional data, etc. I tend to go hunting when I have a purpose and those periods see an increase in specific teams. What I need rarely turns out to be what I have but that’s a challenge with creative research.

That all said and done, what my followers requested were Collingwood, Hawthorn and Port Adelaide. The links below are to the pdf files containing the data I have about them. (There might be a few small things left out.)

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