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ANZ Championship on Facebook

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 10 January, 2010

The ANZ Championship replaced the Commonwealth Bank Trophy as the premiere netball championship in 2008. There are ten teams in the competition, five from Australia and five from New Zealand.  They are:

  • Adelaide Thunderbirds
  • Melbourne Vixens
  • New South Wales Swifts
  • Queensland Firebirds
  • West Coast Fever
  • Canterbury Tactix
  • Central Pulse
  • Northern Mystics
  • Southern Steel
  • Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic

With the exception of the Melbourne Vixens, no one lists these teams as an interest on Facebook.  The New Zealand based teams also lack a fan base inside New Zealand’s Facebook community. The Melbourne Vixens have 840 people listing them as an interest on Facebook.  I’ve looked at some of the segmentation of this audience and generated the following data which can give you a better idea of the fanbase for this netball team that actually has a fanbase on Facebook, as determined by people listing them as an interest.

Melbourne Vixen fans on facebook

One of the things that surprised me in this little data set is that for fans aged 40 to 49, most of the fans are male.  I’m not sure why this is.  Female fans of the team also look to be overwhelming heterosexual.  For a female sports team, this does surprise me a bit as I would have thought that the percentage would have been a little higher.  The fanbase also appears to be a bit older: High school athletes do not appear as interested in the team, which suggests interest in the team may develop as fans get older and are less likely to participate in the sport themselves.

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Commonwealth Bank Trophy teams on Facebook

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 10 January, 2010

The Commonwealth Bank Trophy is the premiere competition in Australia for women’s netball.  The competition has ten teams.  They are:

  • Adelaide Thunderbirds
  • AIS Canberra Darters
  • Hunter Jaegers
  • Melbourne Kestrels
  • Melbourne Phoenix
  • Perth Orioles
  • Queensland Firebirds
  • Sydney Swifts

Given the popularity netball for women in Australia, with 389,400 women having participated in 2002, I would have suspected some interest in the premiere competition on Facebook.  Yet according to Facebook’s Advertising targeting, no one is interested in any of those teams.  This with 60,200 people interested in netball by Australians on Facebook.   Most of the fans are female: 53,920 or 89.5%.  Interest in Australia’s national netball team is at 1,580 with 1,360 being female.  This interest in the sport and in the national team just is not translating into interest in teams in the major competition.

Edited to add: My bad.  This competition came to an end in 2007.  While Facebook has some fans in defunct teams, two years later it isn’t that surprising that there are not people interested in these teams as Facebook penetration is Australia is slower than it was in the United States, where people may have listed interests years ago and never got around to updating them.

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