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LiveJournal: Interest in leagues by location

Posted by Laura on Wednesday, 3 March, 2010

I finally finished compiling a list of LiveJournal and clones users who list various teams as an interest. The issues in doing this and other maps have been discussed in earlier posts. Not all cities are picked up by the software, not everyone lists the city they live in are two of the big ones. People can list multiple teams in the same league as interests (and thus be counted twice) or the same team as an interest across multiple clones (again, counted twice).

While teams from many leagues were looked at, not all those teams had people listing them as an interest and where the individual listed their city of residence. The following leagues did though: AFL, AFL Canberra, A-League, ANZ Championship, First class cricket, NBL, NRL, NSW Premier League, Rugby League/State of Origin, Super 14, and Victorian Amateur Football Association. To make the map more readable, some of the least represented leagues were left off the map.

The following map was created using MapPoint:

Australian interest in leagues by city on LiveJournal

Overview map

Play by City

Super 14

The map clearly shows a geographic preference in New South Wales for the NRL.  Victoria clearly prefers the AFL.  The rest of the country tends to also support the AFL.  The pattern of geographic distribution for fans of these leagues appears to fit patterns I have seen described elsewhere.  It will be interesting to see if these patterns hold for bebo.

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Fitzroy Lions on bebo and LiveJournal

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 24 January, 2010

There are only two fans of the team on bebo, so this almost doesn’t deserve a post of its own.  Nonetheless, it gets one.  The Fitzroy Lions were one of the original teams in the Victoria Football League.  In 1996, they merged with the Brisbane Bears to become the Brisbane Lions.  Through a series of events, the Fitzroy Football Club replaced their mascot, the Lion, merged with the University Reds and became known as the Fitzroy Reds and now play in the Victorian Amateur Football Association.  That history explains why the Fitzroy Lions have a message board dedicated to them on Yahoo!Groups that dates back 2000. Of the two fans on bebo, only one lists profile information: Male, 45 and from Perth, Western Australia.

As their incarnation as the Fitzroy Reds, they lack fans listing them as an interest on bebo, all LiveJournal clones, blogger. There are no Yahoo!Groups dedicated to the team.  The only place where they have a some one listing them as an interest on LiveJournal.  That person has not updated in 213 weeks and is from Melbourne.

People appear uninterested in defunct teams or small, amateur teams of which the Fitzroy Lions are both.

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