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Gaia Online and Australian/Kiwi women’s sport

Posted by Laura on Sunday, 28 November, 2010

Gaia Online is a role playing network that has a number of social networking components. It is relatively popular in Australia and tends to cater to a teenaged audience. This type of audience may be a desirable for Australian and Kiwi women’s sport because reaching them may encourage participation in those sport and help improve women’s fitness. Beyond that, getting a younger audience can help insure the continuity of the team’s fandom by having fans who can pass on those allegiances as they get older. At the same time, younger fans likely will need to bring friends or family to attend competitions. This means a potential to maximize ticket sales.

An Australian and Kiwi sport community does exist on the Gaia Online. It is just relatively small and focused on soccer, rugby union, rugby league and Aussie rules.

Given the tiny size of the Australian and Kiwi sport population for men, it is hardly surprising that when profile interests were searched, no one was a fan of women’s sport.

League Team Members Date checked
ANZ Championship Melbourne Vixens 0 28-Nov-10
ANZ Championship Northern Mystics 0 28-Nov-10
Swimming Australia Stephanie Rice 0 28-Nov-10
W-League Canberra United 0 10-Nov-10
W-League Canberra United 0 12-Nov-10
W-League W-League 0 1-Jul-10
W-League W-League 0 10-Nov-10
W-League W-League 0 12-Nov-10
WNBL Canberra Capitals 0 28-Nov-10
WNBL Townsville Fire 0 28-Nov-10
WNCL Victorian Spirit 0 28-Nov-10
WNCL Victorian Spirit 0 28-Nov-10
Women’s Flat Track Derby Association Western Sydney Rollers 0 28-Nov-10
Women’s Rugby World Cup Wallaroos 0 12-Nov-10
Women’s World Cup Soccer Football Ferns 0 28-Nov-10
Women’s World Cup Soccer Matildas 0 28-Nov-10

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