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Distribution of Brisbane Broncos fans

Posted by Laura on Tuesday, 26 January, 2010

When I add up the bebo, blogger, LiveJournal and LiveJournal clone data for teams where I have all that data, the Brisbane Broncos are one of the most popular teams.  There are 333 fans who list the team as an interest across those sites.  Of those, 158 list their city of residence.   When added together, you get the following distribution of Broncos fans:

Outside of Brisbane, the second big of fans is Townsville with eight. Sydney in New South Wales has five.  New Zealand has one city with three fans and two cities with two fans.  This accounts for 1/5 of cities with two or three fans.  There are very few fans in Victoria, which makes sense as that is AFL territory.  The distribution of the population inside the country for this team looks pretty logical.

This little experiment with Google Fusion Tables is pretty much done as fans are distributed across 86 cities and Google Fusion Tables is just not displaying that data.

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Australian sports fans by city : A work in progress

Posted by Laura on Tuesday, 26 January, 2010

This post looks at the geographic distribution of various fans by location inside Australia.  The maps were created using Google’s Fusion Tables.  The data is based on this table, which includes bebo, blogger, LiveJournal and LiveJournal clones.  The totals by city were added together.  (So if there were 2 bebo fans and 1 blogger fan from a city, the total will be 3.)  (United Kingdom and United States data has been filtered out.) These tables will not likely be updated.  Rather, this data will probably appear in a new table and graphs when more data is added. Please read the Google created legend carefully.

Adelaide Crows

Brisbane Lions

Geelong Cats

Port Adelaide Power

Adelaide United

Sydney FC

Brisbane Bullets

Brisbane Broncos

Canberra Raiders

Canterbury Crusaders

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