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Adelaide United on bebo

Posted by Laura on Friday, 22 January, 2010

Adelaide United are a team in the A-League and are based in Adelaide, South Australia.  There are 75 people who list Adelaide United as an interest on bebo.   This puts them at about the middle of the pack for number of fans, if they had been in the AFL.  One of the rather unique characteristics of this community compared to some of the other sites we’ve looked at is that group membership is far larger than the number of people listing the team as an interest.

On bebo, 43 or 57% of the fans do not list a gender.   Of the rest, 26 or 35% identify as male and 6 or 8% identify as female.  The huge number of people who do not list gender make it hard to compare to other A-League teams where we have gender related data.   Only the Wellington Phoenix community on blogger comes close with unknown gender, and that’s with 33% with gender not listed.  For Adelaide based teams where we have data, the Adelaide Thunderbirds have 50% with gender unlisted but the community size is two.

There are 18 people who list their age.   Of these, the average age is 20.1, median age is 19 and mode is 20.  This makes them younger than the Adelaide United, Melbourne Victory, Newcastle Jets, Perth Glory, Sydney FC, Wellington Phoenix communities on blogger.  The team closest in age to them is the Melbourne Victory community on blogger, with an average age of 22.8 based on a population of seven.   The next closet community is the Adelaide United community on blogger, at 26 and a population of two.  That’s a difference of almost six years.  (Some of this likely attributed to the fact that bebo tends to skew to a younger audience than blogger.)   The Adelaide team based community is a bit younger than United, but some of this is because the population size is one: Adelaide Thunderbirds on blogger has one fan who is 18 years old and Port Adelaide Power on blogger has one fan who is 15.

The community is overwhelming based in Australia, with 21 of the 75 people listing their country being from the country. No other countries are represented.   This contrasts a bit with the Adelaide United community on blogger, where one person is from China.   This Australian community is also overwhelming from the state that the team plays in, with 19 of the 20 people listing a state being from South Australia.  The other one is from Western Australia.   Of the South Australians, a few are from outside Adelaide with one person each from Barmera, Hallett Cove, and Roseworthy.  This pattern of loyalties for a team being very regional, to the state, is one that exists across the A-League where I have data from blogger.  This may be partially a result of the league not having aged enough for people to take their loyalties with them as they move, or a lack of stars moving from team to team with fans taking their player loyalty with them.

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