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Data accuracy

Posted by Laura on Monday, 25 January, 2010

While I try to be accurate with this data, there are times when trying to guess a person’s location based on only the city they list that I may guess wrong or wrongly identify the state a city is in.  I’ve found this happened with the Brisbane Broncos, where I wrongly labeled two people from Sydney as being in Victoria.  In another case for the Canberra Raiders, a township inside the ACT and one of the bigger cities share the same name.  I originally had it labeled as the city in New Zealand.  I went back, re-evaluated it and determined that this person was likely from the ACT Township.  When these issues are discovered, I update the data set but not necessarily the post.

I’d advise you check the original source if this data is crucial to anything you’re doing.  For me, this data set is pretty much just being built and I’m trying to gather it all, doing some preliminary totals and check it for errors as I work on compiling it. I’m also using it to learn more about Australian sport.  It isn’t near being finished…  Take some of this with a grain of salt.

If you want the raw data as I have it, please contact me.

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Gold Coast Titans on bebo

Posted by Laura on Monday, 25 January, 2010

The Gold Coast Titans are a member of the National Rugby League.   According to Roy Morgan Research, they are the 11th most popular NRL team in Australia.  Prior to this post, I’ve looked at two current (Brisbane Broncos, Canberra Raiders) and nine defunct (Balmain Tigers, Northern Eagles, Western Suburbs Magpies, Adelaide Rams, Annandale Dales, Cumberland, Glebe Dirty Reds, Hunter Mariners, South Queensland Crushers) NRL teams on bebo.  The Gold Coast Titans hold a very secure second with 138 people interested in them on bebo.  The Raiders are third with 83 and the Broncos are first at 278.  The Gold Coast Titans number fits with the  pattern if we correlate the teams where I have bebo data and the Roy Morgan Research data:

Correlation NRL to Roy Morgan

  bebo blogger Facebook Roy Morgan
Brisbane Broncos 278 12 27520 1259000
Gold Coast Titans 138 2 9680 274000
Canberra Raiders 83 4 4160 164000
Correlation 0.982805538 0.960648284 0.99067366  

The correlation for bebo is strong that that of the pattern for blogger, though it isn’t as strong as the one for Facebook.  The correlations are so strong though that it is hardly worth mentioning.

The Gold Coast Titans community is 50% male, 38% gender unknown and 12% female.  The percent unknown makes it really hard to discuss the male versus female community size.  And the community for the team on blogger is so small (2) that its all maleness probably doesn’t speak to the bebo community in answering the percentage question. 51 or 82.3% of the fans on bebo, where they list information so their country can be identified, are from Australia.  The others are from New Zealand (10 or 16.1%) and Yemen (1 or 1.6%).  There are a number of Kiwis playing on the squad which can help explain the fanbase.  The person from Yemen may be an error.  They list their city of residence as Tawahi, which is a city in Yemen. There are no Yemeni players on the team, but it could be an Australian who moved to Yemen, or a Yemeni who visited Australia and fell in love with the team.

Of the Australians,  most (27) hail from Queensland.  The remainder hail from New South Wales (20), the ACT (2), Northern Territory (1) and Western Australia (1).

44 people list their age.  The mean age is 24.09, median age is 21 and mode age is 19.  This is very close to the bebo Raiders with a mean age of 23.3 and the bebo Broncos mean age of 23.29.

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Canterbury Crusaders on bebo

Posted by Laura on Monday, 25 January, 2010

The Canterbury Crusaders are a Christchurch, New Zealand rugby team that play in the Super 14 competition. They are discussed here because the competition includes teams from Australia.  For more information on the Super 14, please read Wikipedia’s article.

On bebo, there are 51 fans of the team.  Because most people barracking for the team are Kiwis (77.8% or 28 of the 36 people listing a country of residence), this post will be rather brief without much analysis.  In addition to the Kiwis, the team on bebo has 1 fan from Fiji, 1 from the United Kingdom and 6 from Australia. The six Australians are distributed somewhat equally in the country: 2 from New South Wales, 2 from Queensland, 1 from South Australia and 1 from Western Australia.

25 of the 51 list their age.  Of these, the mean age is 28, median is 26 and mode is 18. The Queensland Reds community on bebo and LiveJournal and the Canterbury Crusaders on blurty, DeadJournal and Dreamwidth are not really big enough to compare age wise as the biggest has three people listing age.  49% or 25 identify as male, 29% or 15 people identify as female and 22% or 11 do not identify as a gender.  Compared to the Queensland Reds bebo community where all 6 identify as male, this community has a huge female population.

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